Monday, September 21, 2015

Currently :: Week 4

Happy Monday! Yes, happy. I'm one of those people that enjoys Monday mornings. It's the start of a new week, with fresh possibilities. And it's coming anyway so you might as well make the very most of it, you know? To kick off the week, I'm joining Becky over at Choose Happy to share what's going on in our life lately.

My girlfriends lately, old and new. As someone who didn't have a ton of friends in high school, it's refreshing to know that even in your 30's you can still make friends. Recently a friend surprised me with a "Pumpkin Everything" basket and it was the sweetest gesture. It's the little things like making time for each other, doing kind things for one another and planning days together that really mean the most to me in my friendships.

Organized and ready to tackle October-November. The last 3 months of the year are our busiest. Between birthdays, holidays, school, work and MOPS, we are on the go a lot and it's nice to feel as if you are ready for whatever comes you way. I've been using 2 planners (one for blogging, one for personal) along with a calendar on the fridge and an app on my phone (that sounds like overkill doesn't it?) and I'm on top of things for the first time in a while. Now, if the bathroom would clean it's self.

My new Firmoo glasses. I have 4 pair of glasses and these are my favorite. They are lightweight and match everything I wear. While I don't need them all the time, it's nice to have a pair I like when I do need them. I actually like them so much that I have a pair up for grabs on IG. Head over and enter to win now!

Connor's 3rd birthday party. His party this year is no where near as big and over the top as parties in the past have been. And I am a-okay with that. I've finally realized that less is more when it comes to parties. He would have fun no matter what we do but we've decided on a Marvel Hero Pizza + Arcade party and so far, it's been a breeze to plan and really easy on the ol' bank account.
My friends Sarah and BreAnn. Sarah is about to have her second child.. like any minute!... and I wish I could be there to meet Nora but since I can't, I'm just praying that the transition from a family of 3 to 4 goes smoothly. BreAnn is about to move back to California from Texas and I hope and pray the trip goes well for her and the kids (she gets to drive back with a 7 month old and 3 1/2 year old). Changes are hard but both of these big transitions are going to be so worth the challenges they have faced.

What's currently going on in your world? We have a busy week ahead of us (weekend included) so we are kicking the week of with some errands and a play date. Happy Monday, friends!

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