Wednesday, August 19, 2015

It's The Little Things :: CJ's First Dragons Game

One of the activities listed on our Summer Bucket list is to go to a baseball game and last Thursday, we were able to do so. The weather lately has been perfection, much cooler than usual so when it was forecasted to be a high of 80 on Thursday, I knew we would have the best time. A fun evening spent with family, enjoying perfect Summer weather while watching some ball? What more could we ask for? Connor had a blast; I'll the photos do the talking.

We are lucky to leave within 10 minutes of a Minor League Baseball team, the Dayton Dragons. MiLB games are perfect for little ones. Both here and in RR we have access to teams that provide family friendly sporting events. From the fun Connor had on Thursday, I see a lot of games in our future.


+ When we first arrive the music was a bit loud but Connor couldn't peel his eyes off the scoreboard. 
+ I took full of advantage of the space and make myself comfy. It was the most perfect night for baseball.
+ Connor starting getting antsy so Uncle Jeff and Daddy took him to play a bit. 
+ Celebrating his mad throwing skills by winning a new hat

+ Coloring and baseball? This boy has it made.
+ Cotton candy at 7PM makes total sense, right?
+ And when cotton candy is followed up with Dippin' Dots you know you have the good life.
+ The Dragons WIN! I think it's pretty cool that Connor's first baseball game resulted in a victory for the home team.

We had the best time. Summer feels a bit more complete since we took in a game. Connor did well and we had the chance to spend time with my brother in law and sister in law. It's little things like this: taking in a baseball game with family that means the most to me. Just being with family again. I can't wait to experience more night like these with Connor and James.


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