Monday, August 10, 2015

Currently :: Week 3

August has arrived and summer is (finally!!) winding down. As a lover of all things Fall and Christmas, you know I'm wishing/pushing/begging for this month to fly by. Seeing as this is the second full week of the month, I think it's safe to say that's exactly what's happening. To kick off the week, I'm joining Becky over at Choose Happy to share what's going on in our life lately.

All the new changes coming our way. As someone who once bulked at change, ushering it in without complaint is a new experience for me. Between being home for the first time in 2 years for Fall, Connor starting school, my joining MOPS as a member of the leadership team and so much more, I can't wait to see what fun we have this season.

A sense of belonging. We've been home for a full 6 months now and routines have been established, life is no longer a constant list of to do's. While this is our hometown, the same house we brought Connor home from the hospital to, it's finally sinking in that we are back in Ohio, among our family and friends, back to where we belong.

Something other than yoga pants and t-shirts. I've discovered the world of Lularoe and Sanuk and I'm addicted. Lularoe carries such comfortable, colorful pieces that make getting dressed fun again. I shared my Lularoe maxi in this photo on IG. It's soft, comfortable and fits my 5' 1" frame. I'm sure I'm late to the Sanuk bandwagon but holy smokes this sandals are the most comfortable thing I've ever worn on my feet. Grab yourself a pair! 

For the best Fall we've ever had as a family of 3. Consider this your warning that I'm about to go crazy with the Fall fun this year. Between our yearly Fall Bucket List and Connor's 3rd birthday party, the next 3-4 months are going to be a blast. I have so many ideas of places to visit and sites to see. I can't wait to share it all with you.

For Connor and I to kick the sickness we've had for the last week. Between sneezing, blowing our noses and sore throats, we've taken a beating with these Ohio allergies. C's on medication so he should be rebounding quickly and I'm hoping to just ride it out. One week under my belt and I've survived so let's pray by mid-week I'm a-okay.

What's currently going on in your world? We have a busy week ahead of us (weekend included) so we are kicking the week of with some chores and errands. Happy Monday, friends!


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