Monday, August 24, 2015

Back to School Reading List

Last week my Facebook and blog feed were filled with back to school photos and posts, sharing the start of a new school year. While we still have a bit of time left before Connor starts, we've been doing a lot of back to school talk. James and I want it to be a simple transition for C come November. While I feel confident he is going to adjust well, I've gathered up 15 books all based on going to school. We've already read a handful of them and I am lovin' the excitement on Connor's face as he learns more and more about what school is going to be like.

We just snagged these from the library on Wednesday of last week and the ones marked in BOLD are ones that we've read already and loved. Connor has asked for me to read Backseat A-B-see and Does a Panda Go to School every single night at bedtime. Those two might just have to go missing ;)

Happy Monday! Let's make it a good week.

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