Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Photo An Hour Challenge || #WMM1001

Last Friday, I realized that I hadn't been focusing on my 101 Things in 1001 Days Challenge. I shared what my game plan was in this post for the summer so I decided to pick something off that list and work on it Friday. I decided to go with the photo an hour task. Simple enough; just snap a photo once an hour. I started at 8AM and stopped at 7PM. Here was what our Friday looked like.

8 AM :: Sinuses have been a pain so I started the morning off by drinking tea with lemon and honey.

9 AM :: I decided to make Friday a stay in day. We had a busy weekend planned so I needed to spend some time at home. Time at home includes putting away laundry.

10 AM :: Connor asked to read A Halloween Scare in Texas, one of his all-time favorite books. Don't worry, we have that Ohio version, too.

11 PM :: Time to put away dishes from the previous evening and wash our breakfast and lunch dishes.

12 PM :: While Connor's watching some TV, I help myself to an afternoon snack of ice cream.

1 PM :: Time to get ready for the day. I hate showering early in the morning and then cleaning so I usually wait until all the chores are finished then get showered/dolled up.

2 PM :: Connor and I are out of the house and off to run a couple errands.

3 PM :: We stopped by our church to get class registration taken care of.

4 PM :: Connor got an afternoon treat of donuts for bearing through a ridiculous hair cutting experience at Great Clips.

5 PM :: Back home and dinner is made. It's Friday which means calories AND carbs don't count so bottomless pasta #FTW

6 PM :: The text I've been waiting all day for comes and I fall in love with the newest member of the Macke clan. I can not wait to see Desiree as a girl Mom!

7 PM :: MOPS Girls Night and Planning Party kicks off with some bowling. Leggings, black socks and bowling shoes are just too much fashion for me to handle, let me tell ya.

There you have it. Some days are so busy that taking a photo every hour would never happen but last Friday was just the right amount of calm and hectic really. I love documenting random parts of our life and this totally fits that bill.

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