Wednesday, July 1, 2015

WILW :: Chatbooks

One thing Connor will never have to worry about is having photos of his childhood to look back on when he is older. I snap easily 10-15 photos a day and share 2-3 on Instagram and Facebook. I just love sharing my littlest love with the world. And from all the comments and likes, folks like him just as much as we do. While I'm really good at snapping photos of CJ, I've been slacking at keeping up a baby book. I have one started but I think it's been a good 10-12 months since I've looked at it, let alone updated it. While looking online for a easy way to print and organize photos, I stumbled across Chatbooks and I can't wait to share the genius idea with you!

On social media, I use the hashtag #cjyear2 when sharing most photos of Connor. This started on the morning of his second birthday and it's been fun looking through this particular hashtag, seeing how much he has changed and grown over the (almost) last year. When attempting to put together such photos, I was overwhelmed. There are nearly 100! How was I going to easily organize them by date let alone simply get them printed?

Insert Chatbooks. Download your Instagram photos. Your photos appear in chronological order and you can choose your cover photo, add captions, exclude any photos you don't want and basically make your books the way you want them. Ready to order? Just enter your credit card and place your first order. It's that easy. Promise.

There are 3 different subscriptions available but I think I would get the best use from their Instagram Series subscription. With an Instagram Series subscription, new volumes will autoship once you accumulate 60 more Instagram photos (you will be notified by email three days before a new volume ships so you can make changes). You are able to cancel your subscription at any time. Instagram Series Books cost $6 with free shipping on the first order of each volume. You can order as many additional copies of each volume as you want.

When my first book arrived on Monday, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. The photos were crisp, bright and the words were easy to read. I love that each photo has a date stamp along with the exact quote from IG with Connor's #cjyear2 hashtag. I love these little books so much that I have plans to make them for the holidays later this year. Think of how fun it would be to have a simple book that combines your family's Thanksgiving and Christmas photos year after year.

This isn't a sponsored post; just me sharing something I love and think you would too! Chatbooks has given me a referral code to share with friends. Each time my referral code is used, I get $1 Chatbooks credit and you will get your first book FREE! That's what I call #winning!


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