Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Reading Challenge :: Check-in #3

Today, Liz, Courtney and some of my favorite bloggers are going to share what our little ones have been reading this Summer. This part 3 of our of 4 part Summer reading challenge and giveaway. For more details on how you can join and enter to win, visit our announcement post which can be found HERE along with check in number 1 and number 2.

Connor and I are happy to share that we have completed our Summer Reading Challenge! We finished book 12 this weekend. We both have enjoyed our trips to the library and discovering new books. With 3 weeks left in the challenge, I think I'm going to look for books to help prepare Connor for school in the Fall. Does anyone have school themed books they enjoy reading to their little ones?

Here is our completed reading challenge check list:

Here is a list of additional books we've read in the last 3 weeks:

During this round, we had 2 favorites: Granny's Dragon and The Bus Ride. Both were fun books that even I got into. Finding activities for each book was simple thanks to a quick Pinterest search (how did we survive without that amazing site?) First up is the fun we had with Granny's Dragon.

I'll be honest, Granny's Dragon has nothing to do with Captain America or Mickey Mouse but this is what C wanted so we went with it. I tied it in the best I could. Have you tried coloring by numbers with your little one? DO IT! Connor loved it. The dragon printable can be found here. I wanted to find a printable shield to decorate but the moment C heard shield he instantly wanted a Captain American shield of his own. Lastly, we found Mickey Mouse the Knight online, printed it and Connor added a bit of red and moved on. The glitter was how I got Connor to want to do crafts that day. He had been begging to play with the glitter so this was our compromise.

Next, we spent one morning learning all about school buses. I found some a Daniel Tiger episode on Amazon about going to school for CJ to watch while I prepped our craft. Thanks to THIS PIN, I was able to print out a school bus craft for Connor. We learned how to make our own school bus (bottom left photo) and we matched each piece to the already put together bus. The pin always provided flashcards for us to make up our own version of "Wheels On The Bus."

Connor's goal was to read 20 new books this summer and we've hit that goal plus some with 31 books total. I would love to hit 40 books read this summer by August 20th. I love sharing my love of reading with Connor. I've noticed that the more we read together, the more he actually enjoys it. Each night before bed we pick 2 books to read before bed and this is something he won't let me skip!

Now it's your turn! Join Liz, Courtney and I as we celebrate our love of reading. Linkup your summer reading themed posts. Remember, there is a giveaway at the end of the challenge (August 20th!) so every linkup counts! Grab our button and spread the summer reading fun!

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