Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Stealin' Time

As a parent we are always trying to slow time down. We complain that time isn't on our side, that we would give anything in our power to steal a little extra time so that our babies can be babies just a bit longer. Before becoming a Mom, I never knew how fast life moved. How with one blink your littlest love is a toddling mess maker. With a second blink, you are parenting an independent 2 year old that knows exactly what he likes, dislikes, wants and needs. And then one day you are enrolling your one and only son up for preschool and you can't find the right words to express all the feelings you are experiencing.

Pride. Sadness. Joy. Relief. Happiness. Anxiety. 

Every single emotion goes through your heart but as a parent, you have to make the move sometime or another and while it hurts in ways you never imagined, you know that your child is growing and little by little needs you less and less. 

In exactly two months from today, Connor will be heading off to his first day of preschool. While this was an elected choice for James and I, it's going to be a bit lonely with him gone. He won't be here to talk to. To hold my hand. To ask me to be Hulk Smash to his Captain America.

He will be in the hands of someone else. Someone else is going to be molding my baby boy's heart and mind. And while I cry tears of sadness typing this, I know that Connor J is going to love every single minute of being in school.

He is smart, social, inviting and loving. I am going to see him change and grow in ways that will only make him more intelligent, more outgoing, more caring and compassionate. So in two very short months, just a simple 60 days, life is going to change around here. I'm going to have less Connor and Mommy time and more me time. Our son is going to make new friends, learn lessons that are both easy and difficult to understand. He is going to unknowing remind me that time isn't on a Momma's side. So from now and until then I'm going to steal as many kisses as he will allow. I'm going to lay next to him at night and hold his hand until he falls asleep. I'll play Marvel Heroes way past the point of interest. I'm going to steal as much time as I can, while I can.

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