Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Favorites :: Michelle from Grammie Time

The blogging community has been the biggest blessing. It's given me the chance to meet and make connection with women that I wouldn't have been given the chance to know if it weren't for blogging. One of those women is Michelle from Grammie Time. I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle through a blogger box swap and I can't tell you how lucky I was to be paired with such a wonderful person. In honor of Friday Favorites, I want to share Michelle with my readers in a unique twist of the weekly post.

5 Random Facts About Michelle
* I'm borderline germaphobe - not to where I am obsessed with constant hand washing and cleaning but there are some places I will avoid. One example, gas station restrooms (I'd rather pee in the woods).
* My biggest pet peeve - people being late. My second, folks who don't keep their word.
* I've had two near drowning experiences in my life, both times the same person rescued me.
* When I'm alone in my car, I crank up music really loud and sing my heart out. Mostly to Celine Dion, Journey and The Beatles. But any song easy to sing-along with works for me.
* I'm a tea drinker. Hot, cold, green, herbal and always sweetened with freshly squeezed lemon juice and local honey. Always on a hunt for different teas to try.

5 Pieces of Parenting Advice
1) Consistency - always mean what you say and follow through. Especially in discipline.
2) Discipline without a relationship spells disaster. Your child will respect you if they FEEL loved unconditionally, safe and secure.
3) Build the relationship by being the parent, not their friend. Children want someone who cares enough about their well-being to set boundaries and guide them. Teenagers too, even though they'll never come out and say it. Children want rules. They want security.
4) Spend TIME with your children no matter what their age. Let them know you enjoy their company. Like any relationship, it needs time together.
5) Have fun with your children and be a healthy role model in all areas.

5 Favorite Foods
A variety of fruits, vegetables, yogurt with fresh fruit, dark chocolate and homemade soups.

5 Books or Movies Michelle could read or watch again and again
Books - I enjoy reading! Finishing a book in a week is not unusual for me. Yet, I never read a book more than once. There are always new ones coming out and I can't wait to read the next one on my list.
Movies - Gone With The Wind, You've Got Mail (or anything with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks). At Christmas time my daughter and I enjoy watching Countdown to Christmas on the Hallmark station. If I'm not in the holiday spirit, watching these sappy movies usually gets me in it. Not considered movies, but I love watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory. 

5 Blog She Reads Daily/Weekly
I read many blogs but these are daily reads and each one brings something different to the table for me. When I read a blog, I want a taste of inspiration, motivation to try something new, experience a dash of encouragement and most of all, I want to leave and look forward to coming back for more.

If you haven't already, be sure to visit Michelle's blog Grammie Time and check her out on Instagram and Pinterest too!

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