Thursday, July 2, 2015

Boy Boy Status :: From Diapers to Undies

On Sunday I realized that we had just 5 diapers left which meant I could either a) buy more diapers or b) start potty training. If you're a parent, you know exactly what I was thinking... HOLY CRAP! I need to get more diapers! Kidding! I decided to just give in and start potty training. I've mentioned before that Connor needs to be potty trained before starting school in September so starting now would give us all of July and August along with a week and a half in September. That sounds like plenty of time, doesn't it?

I am so glad we decided to potty train now instead of rushing out to Target for more diapers because CONNOR IS A POTTY USING CHAMPION! But #seriously. I could not be more impressed with how well he has taken to using the potty.

You can find tons of information on what to do and don't do with a simple Google search when it comes to potty training. I did tons of reading in preparation of this new transition but thought I would share with you what we did to create such a positive progress from diaper to potty.

+ Be prepared to stay home for a few days. Especially day 1.

+ Use your child's weakness for your gain. If your little ones loves candy, bribe him or her with candy to go potty. Connor loves getting new toys so I picked a handful of new toys for him and every time we went potty (yes we, it's a joint effect, promise!) on the first day, he got to pick which new toy he wanted.

+ Make a fool of yourself when business is done. I clapped, I sung, I cheered, I danced. Now, every time Connor goes, we celebrate like it's New Year's Eve. The bigger the celebration the better!

+ Allow your little one to be as hands on as possible. Connor puts his potty sit on the toilet and flushes his business. I want him to feel like he is in control of the situation.

+ Ask! Ask! Ask! Over ask "Do you need to potty?", "Let's go potty and earn a (prize, sticker, piece of candy)" and my favorite "Who has to go tinkle?"! Connor will answer no more times than not but we go try anyway.

+ Electronics are your secret weapon so keep them charged and within arms reach.

+ Decide if you are going to go full blown underwear/panties or not. At night, we've been using pull-ups, which we refer to Buzz or Jake underwear because of their design, and so far, each morning C has woken up dry.

+ As we all know, accidents happen. Try to stress the importance of going potty but don't harp on the accident too severely.

+ Patience is your best friend. On Tuesday, Connor went nearly 4.5 hours between pees. It wasn't for a lack of trying on my end. He simply did not have to go! When James got home, I asked him to give it a shot and one his second attempt, we had pee. Patience! Patience! Patience!

+ Stick with it. Unless your little one is having more accidents than successes, I wouldn't give up. Today is day 4 and we are going to head to the grocery store, sans diaper for the first time in 2 years and 9 months.

While I wouldn't say we are 100% potty trained, I feel confident that we can resume our regular busy schedule. I've been a bit hesitant this week because I don't want to jinx anything or push Connor's limitations but today I'm going to give it a shot and run a single errand. From the looks of Connor's face, I think we got this potty thing in the bag!

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