Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A New Discovery :: ScoutaPark

As a full time stay at home Mom we tend to spend a ton of time at area parks. In a single week, we will more than likely visit 2-3 parks along with our favorite go to. Connor loves going on adventures as he calls them and well, I love being able to survive the witching hour. While living in Austin, you couldn't drive more than 3 minutes without passing a handful of parks. It's one of the things I miss most about the Lonestar State. When we moved to Ohio, I was worried that I would have trouble finding parks that fit our needs. How do you find out what parks are in your area and which ones have the accommodations you prefer? Insert ScoutaPark.

ScoutaPark is a revolutionary new website (and future mobile app, which is really exciting) that connects parents, dog owners, and other park visitors to the park that best fits their needs, whether it be an off-lease park, a park near Grandma's house with a slide, or one that offers a cooling water future. You can quickly search their extensive ScoutaPark database for specific park features, the park size, neighborhood safety rating, or the availability of playground equipment.

ScoutaPark was founded by our friends Dan and Sara. Like us, Dan and Sara moved from Ohio to Texas, and soon discovered the difficultly of finding a park to take their daughter to. Thanks to the genius creation of ScoutaPark, you no longer have to drive around looking for a park nor do you have to worry about finding one that doesn't fit your needs.

How's it work? It's so easy. When you pull up ScoutaPark's site, you simply enter an address, region, amenity or hours and BAM! you get a list of parks that meet your search criteria. For example, Connor and I have to take some paperwork to his doctor this week and I figured while we were the neighborhood, we could check out a park close to the office while we wait. I simply type in the zip code of the office and a list populates.

What I love about ScoutaPark is that you have the ability to rate a park along with the option to list park amenities and share a feedback on any park in the system. As a Mom who is potty training her little one, it's crucial that we visit parks that have restrooms - not mobile restrooms (you know porta johns... gross!) and ScoutaPark takes the guess work out of that decision. Another perk of the site is that when reviewed, you know exactly what kind of park you're pulling up to. Nothing stinks more than getting to a park to discover that it's design isn't right for your 2 year old or is rusty and broken down or even worse is closed. The site is successful because comments, reviews and listed amenities come directly from park goers. You and I have the ability to add information about any park listed in the database. Additionally, if a park isn't listed, you can add it with a few simple clicks. The more reviews and feedback left on the site, the better it gets.

Having a list of parks at my fingertips is a game changer for this SAHM. Now when we are visiting friends, traveling or just want to find something new, I can simply pull up ScoutaPark, type in my desired necessitates and we are off to discover a new place to play. Head over now and discover what hidden gems are in your neck of the woods. 

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