Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Where I Grew Up :: Show & Tell

Today, I'm linking up with Andrea over at Momfessionals for Show and Tell! This week's topic is "Where I grew up..."

I'm a Buckeye. Born and raised. But even more so, I was born and raised in Miamisburg. While I didn't really appreciate my hometown as much as I should have as a kid, I've recently came to understand how neat my hometown really is. There's no other place like Miamisburg. Seriously, it is the only city on the planet with that name!

Miamisburg Facts
  • Population :: about 25,000
  • Most famous landmark :: Miamisburg Mound
  • Sister City :: Owen Sound, Ontario 
  • #1 Employer :: Kettering Health Network
  • Miamisburg is ranked third in the Dayton Area for the best academic rate scores
  • Home of the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot
With such a small population, growing up every one knew everybody. Our local grocery store is a daily high school reunion; you will run into someone you know so don't leave the house lookin' rough. Growing up, you were a Viking through and through and you "bled blue." One thing I loved about going to school in Miamisburg is that we had a local history class in high school that offered us the chance to learn about our hometown and take field trips through the year to places we wouldn't think of visiting as residents. It's in this class that I learned about the effects of the 1913 flood to our area, the history of the Hamburger Wagon and so much more. 

My Miamisburg Memories
  • Parking at Harmon Field. Talk about #thestruggle
  • The Oddhouse
  • Papa's Pizza Palace
  • Our deep dislike of anything in Dub C
  • The Hamburger Wagon
  • Friday Night Lights
  • Rice Field always smelling like sewer waste during softball and football games/practice
Every place or experience listed in my memories list is still going strong in my hometown. That's what I love about being from such a small city. While time goes on and things change, there is always a handful of things that always stay the same. It's these things that make coming home such a treat. What's your favorite part of your hometown? I'd love to hear where your from and what you love must about "home".  

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