Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Shenanigans :: JUNE

Since being back home, our weekends are scheduled packed. This weekend was no exception but I did make a point to document more of our weekend to share on the blog. I don't normally do weekend recaps but find that I love when others do so I figured I'd start sharing one weekend a month on the blog. I'm not very good about documenting our weekends and this is the perfect way to do so. 
We had plans to attend a kids event hosted by local fire, police and emergency staff but due to rain, it was rescheduled. We played inside for a bit and when the rain past, we moved to the deck for some water table/sand play. Once Connor went to bed, we started up Season 2 of "The Good Wife". Folks, I'm obsessed! I'm love this show.

Friday included a chance for me to read a bit more than usual. I was able to finish "The One & Only" (horrible ending) and start "Eleanor & Park" (so far so good!). Finishing the book put me at 12 books read for the year.  I'm only 1 book behind schedule so I'm hoping o be able to finish the year with a total of 30 books read.

Bright and early, I headed over to Kari's for our yard sale with a car packed full of goods for the sale. While I idea of waking up early physically hurt thanks to watching TGW until 12:45, I'm happy to report our sale was a success. We both made over $100 and was able to get rid of a ton of stuff that was laying around. Operation Fall Sale is now in full affect! 

6 hours later, I was exhausted and needed food and a nap. I've haven't slept that hard in months and it was quiet possibly the best nap of my life. Once I was rested, we made plans to head to the drive-in to see Jurassic World. Side note: the Jurassic Park movies were my favorite growing up. Along with Transformers. So I was totally geeked to see the new one. Side note number 2: it's a must see! 

Connor had a pretty sweet set up in the backseat for dinner and play. When it got dark and the movie started, he set with James and I, making watching the movie a bit more difficult but he had his green sword to protect us so it was all good! 

Thanks to a late night out, we decided to sleep in a bit and attend our church's late service at 11:30. We had lunch with my brother in law, sister in law and nephew. This has been our new "thing" each Sunday we attend with them and I love being able to do so. It's a perk of being back home, for sure. After lunch, we ran a couple errands, trying to find the missing piece to our air conditioner. 

We didn't find the piece at 3 stores so James decided to drop us off at home and go look for it himself. Which was okay with me because that meant I could be a bit of a bum for a bit while he was out. And by bum, I mean the perfect place for Connor to rest while watching a movie. 

Once the air was fixed (PRAISE JESUS! Because I hate being hot!), we played and hung out, enjoyed some pizza and all turned in early. We had a great weekend but was wore out so everyone was game for a 9PM bed time! #thelife

How was your weekend?

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