Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Reading Challenge :: Check-in #1

Although Summer hasn't officially started - that happens Sunday - we've been busy discovering new books and reading as much as possible for our Summer Reading Challenge. Today, Liz, Courtney and some of my favorite bloggers are going to share what our little ones have been reading this Summer. A few weeks ago when we announced the challenge, we gave each participate a list of themes to work with. I'm happy to announce that Connor has made an impressive dent in this themed reading list along with his toddler list. 

When picking books that fit with the themes listed, my goal is share books that Connor has never been read before. Those seem to keep his interest longest. They also can't be too wordy. Unfortunately, he lacks patience still but that's something we are working on. Using the themes listed above as a guide, we've read these books for the first time and loved each of them:

LMNO Peas by Keith Barker {alphabet}
Shark vs. Train by Chris Barton {transportation}
The Bug in the Jug Wants a Hug by Brian Cleary {bugs}
Gerald McBoing Boing by Dr. Seuss {Seuss}
Unicorn Thinks He's Really Great by Bob Shea {Disney}
I'm a T. Rex by Denis Shealy {Little Golden Book}

While checking out at the library, my librarian shared with me that LMNO Peas has a short video to go along with the book. This gave me the perfect tool to use for a book plus activity. Once we finished the book, we watched the movie and then worked on rescuing our letters from the "bean pit". 

Connor had got a bit rusty on letter recognition so this was perfect practice and it was fun enough to keep him busy for 20 minutes or so. If you have an alphabet puzzle handy, give this simple activity a shot. We also read a handful of books from our toddler Summer reading list. These books included:

Planting a Rainbow by Lois Elhert || I Stink! by Kate McMullan

There are approximately 20 more books I'd like to read to Connor before the end of August. That seems doable. I have some fun activities planned around a handful that I've picked out and I can't wait to share them with him and you!

Join Liz, Courtney and I as we celebrate our love of reading. Linkup your summer reading themed posts. Remember, there is a giveaway at the end of the challenge so every linkup counts! Grab our button and spread the summer reading fun!

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