Thursday, June 11, 2015

Spring Bucket List :: Update 2

While catching up on my favorite blogs, I read Beth's Summer Bucket List post, realizing that we haven't a) finished our Spring one yet or b) put together a Summer list. So before the official start of summer (June 21st) my goal is to complete everything on our Spring list before Summer kicks off. We've made some progress but still have a bit more to accomplish.

Connor's List
Have a picnic with friends :: we have joined a local Mom group and one of our first play dates was a morning of park play followed by a picnic lunch. I'm really looking forward to the fun this new group is going to allow us this summer.
Make rock art with Momma :: Connor is a big fan of collecting rocks when we are out and about. When we moved, I decided to turn his TX rocks into some sort of keepsake. We've painted them and I'll be sharing our final project next week.

Momma's List
Tackle flower beds and front porch :: thanks to my cousin and his lawn services, we were able to treat our flower beds and porch to a small makeover. We removed all the old mulch and put down a darker fresher batch. Removing all the rocks and stones gives it such a clean look.

Family List
Visit the Zoo :: we spent Sunday at the Cincy Zoo and had a blast. James and I are still arguing over if we've been there before together (I say no, he says yes). Connor loved seeing the gorillas and riding the train.
See a movie in the theater :: when I put this on our list, I was uncertain if we would be able to sit through an entire movie with Connor. However, he completely surprised us when we took him to see "Home". He did so well and we were able to stay for the entire film.
Host dinner for friends :: we've had friends over twice for dinner in the last month. Kari and Macie and Brittani. I love being able to host friends. I plan to do it on a monthly basis until we run out of dinner guest options.

We still have 7 more tasks to complete before Summer takes over and the heat arrives. Operation Complete Spring Bucket list is in full affect.

Our complete bucket list is here.
Update #1 is shared in this post.

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