Tuesday, June 23, 2015

MTT :: Summertime Outings

Confession: I don't do heat. At all. It's a shock I survived Texas, really. I hate to sweating just by walking outdoors. Ohio's humidity is abusive, making bad hair a summer time accessory. I've never been a fan of hot weather so when Summer rolls around, you can best beat that I will do everything in my power to find fun indoor or cool activities for the family to enjoy together.

+ Visit the library to pick out new books to read. Stick around for story time. Visit your local library's online site for times. You'll be surprised what's offered in your area.

+ Got some shopping to do? Instead of doing it online, head to the mall. Shop, let the little one play at the indoor playground and then grab some lunch from the food court before heading home.

+ Find a local park that offers both shade and water play. Splish splash for a bit then sit beneath the shade for a picnic lunch.

+ Splash pads are this Momma's jam. Find one that fits your little ones needs and head off when the temperatures get to rising later this summer. Don't forget the sunscreen!

+ Checkout your local children's museum. Nothing keeps you cooler than a indoor day of fun. 

+ Splurge a bit and take your little one skating, to a movie or even bowling. Not only are these indoor activities fun, they make for great first time experiences.

+ Our YMCA has an indoor/outdoor swimming pool. After your morning workout, head to the pool to cool off and enjoy some water fun with your little one(s).

We love being outdoors and visiting new parks along with our trusty go tos so often times, we will head there bright and early or in the evening after dinner. Staying home can be just as fun when you put any of these indoor activities to use.

I would love to hear how you beat the summer heat with your little one! Share your fun with me so that I can add it to your schedule.

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