Wednesday, June 24, 2015

It's The Little Things :: Mommy + Me Photos

One thing I'm not good at it is getting in front of the camera. Sure I take silly selfies with Connor because who doesn't love seeing this sweet guys face all over the inter webs, you know?

But selfies aren't usually printable quality. Or good photos if we're being honest. So when James asked me for a photo of myself or a photo of Connor and I for his office, he was left empty handed. Other than the photos shared on IG and Facebook, I didn't have a quality photo to give him. That's when I got the idea that for Father's Day, I would get photos of Connor and I taken as a gift to James. Little did I know that these photos would soon become favorites.

While these photos were meant as a gift for James for Father's Day, in the process I was given the gift of having a handful of photos of my little guy and I. One day he won't be able to fit in my arms or my lap but I'll have these shots to remind me of a time when he was my tiniest little love.

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