Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I'll Sleep When He Goes To College

One thing Connor has never been good at is sleeping. Since he was really little, we've been battling sleep wars. You'd think that by now, at age 2.5, we'd have it figured out or we'd be used to it. You'd be thinking wrong. I know this is more than likely a normal phase, that all kids battle at some point or another but if I'm going to be honest, I'd take tantrums, picky eating and bad behavior over resisting sleep. Dead serious.

When we moved to Ohio, Connor's sleep schedule got totally messed up but we were able to get it back on track, naps included. Then we took our yearly trip to OK and naps were hit or miss due to travel, visiting family and friends and being in a new place. But one thing that stayed consistent was that he would easily go to sleep at night, promptly at 8:30. When we traveled to Cabo and he stayed with my parents, naps and a strict bedtime went out to the window (thanks Mammaw!). At this point, I sorta thought we were asking for it; I mean there were a lot of changes going on.

When Connor climbed out of his crib and promptly informed me "I don't need to nap" I took naps away. Long days ensued but he slept amazing at night. Down at 8:30 and up at 7:15-8. I was in Mommy heaven. Then about 2.5 weeks ago, something just switch and now, it's IMPOSSIBLE to get him to go bed at night. Like no joke! We've been forced to get creative with how we get to him give in. We've allowed him to sleep in our bed and once we falls asleep, we will transfer him to his bed. We've laid on the floor next to his crib, holding his hand until he drifts off. You don't have to tell me how insane this is, I know but it works.

Connor has never had to experience the "cry it out" method of parenting. I'm not a fan of it and quiet frankly, the sound of him crying breaks my heart so we've never used it. Clearly now isn't the time to do so either. I'm at my whits end when it comes to what's the right way to handle this. Seeing as this isn't our first time experiencing sleep troubles, we've tried everything to help the situation. We've used lavender essential oil to help calm, we've given warm baths and used sleepy time lotions afterwards, we've taken away all sugars after 5PM, we've let him go go go all day long, nap free, we've read books and rocked in the rocker for 30+ minutes, no TV after 6. You name it, we've tried it.

We have plans to start potty training Connor next month. The idea of doing so right now sends me into a quick panic. Let's not forget he is starting school in September, which is great as long as he isn't battling sleep and going to school, tired and grumpy. I know this will past but right now, it's the biggest pain. I just don't get why he hates sleep. He sure doesn't get that from his Momma. Lord, knows I love me a good nap and an early bed time.

Think of all the sleep I'll get when he goes to college. I think as a graduation gift to me, someone should gift me a 4 year supply of Ambien. When he walks that stage as a college grad, I'll be so well rested. Until then, it looks like I'll be running on fumes and love for my baby boy.

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