Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Grow Your Blog with Pinterest

When I started Wife Mommy Me, I never imagined that I would be considered a blogging expert. I never thought fellow bloggers would reach out to me, asking for help to grow their blog. But ladies do and I'm completely humbled by the vote of confidence they allow me. While I may not be an "it" blogger, I've been lucky enough to learn how to grow and manage a blog so that I can earn a small income. Along the way, I try to share what I've learned from research, networking and trial and error with other bloggers. 

I recently took on the challenge to grow WMM more in 2015 than the previous years. One area I choose to focus on was Pinterest. Within 6 months, I've gained over 4,500 monthly page views thanks to using Pinterest. While most people use the site for recipes, how to's and hilarious memes, I've been using it to grow my readership.

I blog Monday thru Friday and love when each of my posts get a least 125 visits. The best way to do that is to get each post on Pinterest and in front of others who use the site. Here is 5 simple steps on how I use Pinterest daily to grow my outreach.
  1. Add each post to Pinterest once it's live. At the bottom of each Blogger blog post, you will see a social media bar that allows you to share your content on each social media account you have attached to your blog. Once my post is live, I will upload my post to Pinterest. Once your post opens in Pinterest, add hashtags to your pin description so that your pin will come up easier in a search.
  2. Join Pinterest Facebook groups like this one: Pinterest Pin for Pin. Each week, this group of over 300 shares pins in such topics as Summertime, Food/Drink, Around The House and others. You add one pin that fits the topic description in each category and sit back and let others share your material. On any given week, I'll get an extra 20-25 pins on my posts. 
  3. Share your pins on your Facebook page. WMM has it's own Facebook page and once a day, I share a pin in a status update. Readers are then directed to the pin on Pinterest and then to the original post.
  4. Spend 15-20 minutes a day pinning new content. I've recently learned that a handful of new readers find me via Pinterest. Either they discovered me through another pinner or from something I had pinned and it was in their feed. Keeping your name in the loop is going to bring new eyes and attention or even keep you in the limelight. 
  5. Keep your pins organized. I spent an hour one afternoon organizing my pins on to my 50+ boards. I labeled all my boards, gave each one a description, so that if you were to visit my account, you would know exactly what each board holds. Simplicity is key. Additionally, I like having my boards alphabetized as well. Follow OCDers will get this without explanation. I hav some of my WMM pins in one board: Wife Mommy Me. This allows anyone to easily find blog related pins by visiting just one board.
I don't have the magic formula to growing your blog. I wish I did. I do, however, know that getting your name, brand, posts out to new readers isn't difficult if you use the FREE tools at your disposal. I challenge you to take note of your monthly visits, spend 6 months using Pinterest on a daily basis and watch your monthly visits grow.

How do you use Pinterest to grow your blog? I would love to know your tips and tricks!

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