Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Favorites :: June 12

Oh sweet Friday, how I love you so! This has been one busy week. I can't really wrap my head around the fact that the second full week of June has come and gone. Apparently time isn't on anyone's side #evilwitch While this was a busy week, it was a also a pretty fabulous one too!

Connor is getting big. He isn't quite a kid yet but he also isn't a toddler to me either. I think it's the age of 2.5 to 4 that is a strange kind of baby/big combination. He has always had a bold personality but now he not only uses that charming personality to get what he wants but he truly understands reasoning and persuasion.

While I was given the chance to share all® free clear with you in a sponsored post, I am truly in love with the product. Listen up Moms: I discovered a shirt with some chocolate milk stains on in when I was folding clothes. I assumed that the basically brand new shirt was ruined. I decided to apply some of the detergent directly to the spots and rewash. Once the shirt was washed and dried (for a second time), I was stunned to see that the chocolate stains were completely gone. No trace whatsoever! So for those of you with messy little ones, pick some up today and save yourself from dealing with stubborn stains.

The #ETHANproject topic this week is view. We were challenged to share a photo (view) of a place that we found beautiful and stop and enjoy the view there. The moment I learned of this weeks topic, I knew exactly what I would share with the group and here on WMM.  This is the park where we were married. I love visiting and now that Connor is old enough to enjoy the grounds, we visit on a weekly basis. It's our family's special place. I shared my love for our garden in this post, too. Join me and other writers as we share our photos on IG using hashtag #ETHANproject.

Breanna and I along with the help of Courtney once she is settled in PA are putting together an Ohio Pennsylvania blogger meetup this Fall. If you are interested in joining us this Fall, join our Facebook group HERE. I don't have anymore details but you get to meet the 3 of us and that's pretty cool in itself, right?

If you know me at all, you know my love for Grumpy Cat runs deep. So when I stumbled across this photo on DressingDallas' IG I nearly died laughing. I mean... if that doesn't sum up my Texas love/hate, I don't know what does. #yankeeblood

Happy Friday, friends!

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