Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Enjoy Friendship #ETHANproject

When we learned that we were able to move back home, one thing I was most excited for was to be able to spend time with my girlfriends again. While I made some amazing friends in Texas (Hi BreAnn, FavAuntKissten, Sarah, Kim, Jessica, Shanon and Sara), there is nothing that compares to the girlfriends I've had for years. The ones that know Single Stephanie, Married Stephanie and Mom Stephanie.

Now that we are back, it's been so wonderful having friends to spend time with on a weekly basis. The fun we have is a bit different now that I'm a Mom, but it's still been the best part of being home. I've recently discovered that it's the littlest things we can do together that still make being friends so much fun.

On any given week, Connor and I visit our local library, the mall event/playground and local park. We often invite my best friend and her little girl to join us. Connor loves Macie and while they fight like brother and sister, it makes this Momma's heart happy seeing my best friend (yes that Macie!) playing with my baby boy. If the girls can't join us, we often make a new friend when out playing. I love watching Connor interact with others and try to put him in new environments as often as possible.

One thing I really missed when in Texas was having friends over for dinner. In RR, I had a ton of Mom friends, which meant we spent time together during the work week but evenings and weekends were mostly spent with family. Now that we are back home, we've had the chance to have friends over for dinner and dine out together. As a full time SAHM, I love when I have the opportunity to have dinner with other adults. The same goes for lunch dates. Being able to meet up with a friend on her lunch break to catch up and grab a bite has been such a fun way to break up mom life.

Weekends have been so busy since being back home and well it makes for some long days, I'm loving every single minute of it. Being able to spend holidays, graduation season and other special moments with our friend has been the single. best. part. of being home. We missed out on a lot being so far from our family and friends but now that we are back, our social calender is full and I get to be there for the special moments in our friends lives.

This week we have plans for lunch and play dates with friends, dinner dates and a weekend filled with fun activities. It's been a welcomed blessing to have friends just a phone call away. This week I challenge you to reach out to a girlfriend. Make lunch or dinner plans. Pick a weekend for some girl talk and shopping. Even a quick coffee date makes for a fun way to reconnect.

My partnership with the #ETHANproject has given me a bigger push to make time for girlfriends this summer. How do you balance work, family, children and friendship?

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