Thursday, June 25, 2015

Coffee for Two || June

Thank you for joining me for Coffee for Two this month. I loved hearing from each of you last month. Part of the perk of joining us for a little girl talk is one lucky blogger is treated to free coffee from Courtney and I. May's Starbucks gift card winner is Lindsay of Fashionistas Travels. Lindsay took our idea of a coffee date with friends exactly how we intended it. Girlfriends getting together, over a cup of coffee, sharing life's highs and lows, milestones and memories. Check our Lindsay's post HERE. Thank you Lindsay for grabbing coffee with us!

In a couple months, a handful of Ohio and Pennsylvania bloggers are going to get together for a blogger meetup. I've been brainstorming some ideas to get the everyone comfortable, get the energy flowing and I starting thinking of ice breaker questions. Which made me think of what I would share with people given the following prompts:

I am a total Momma Bear... even to those that I'm not a Momma too. I guess that motherly instinct folks talk about finally kicked in.
I keep a really clean house but a messy bathroom. I hate cleaning the bathroom.
I wish I could figure out what the secret formula to getting your kid to sleep all night is. Not only would I be well rested but I'd be filthy rich, too!
I sing horribly but that doesn't stop me from singing like it's my J-O-B!
I dance at least once a day when any of the following cartoon are on: Micky Mouse, Bubble Guppies and Doc McStuffins.
I think I'm going to crush my goal of 60 miles by September 30th. I'm at 10 as of this morning and I just started on Monday. BOOYA!
I really spend an entire day in bed, reading and napping. I don't even need to be fed. Just let me rest.
I need to remember that Connor won't always be this attached. One day he won't think twice about me being right. by. his. side. I need to savor every minute of it.
I should look for the balance I want in life a bit harder. There has to be a way to do it all and not feel like you are stretch to your breaking point day after day.
I can always count on my girl BreAnn to say something ridiculous funny or honest or crude right when I need it most.
I like running. Much more than I ever imagined I would.
I love the idea of us building a home somewhere but the dislike the idea of having to pay more of a mortgage.
I make the most amazing "Hulk Smash Smoothies". Just ask Connor. Toddlers are brutally honest when it comes to their food
I always struggle sleeping when James is gone when in fact I should be able to get more sleep since it's just me once C goes to bed. 
Now it' your turn! Not only is Lindsay walking away with free coffee but so can you! Pick any 4 of these "getting to know you" prompts, share your answer in the comments below and you could win free coffee, too! Last months winner was Becky. 

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