Friday, May 15, 2015

Take Me Back :: Cabo Edition

It's been nearly 3 years since James and I went on a vacation by ourselves. Mind you, I was pregnant and we were on our babymoon so really, C was there with us, too! So when James won Manager of the Year at work his reward was a trip to Cabo San Lucas, MX. While I should say I was hesitant to leave Connor for a week, I wasn't. I've never been out of the country and this was my chance, on someone else's dime. He was going to my parents and as we all know, a week with grandparents is Heaven on Earth for a 2 year old. While Connor stayed back with family, James and I took this trip to reconnect, experience new places and make memories.

I love the ocean. The sound, the smell, the feel. Mark my words, one day we will live within driving distance of the ocean. I'm not picky, Pacific or Atlantic, either will do. While we vacationed, we took in the sights from our balcony, we took beach selfies and spent one too many hours out by the pool.

Can I suggest one thing? If you are ever going to a resort, get the all inclusive package. While I don't drink a lot, we were able to get beverages at each pool and restaurant along with lunch served to us at the pool. Talk about a Momma's dream come true: being waited on! Our resort had everything we needed so it was so easy to get meals, snacks and drinks and have them billed to our room. It was also nice that transportation to and from places at the resort was provided as well in the form of golf carts. Needless to say, we did very little walking!

And because we were on vacation and child-free for the week, I decided to let down my hair as they say and ventured out to Cabo Wabo. Us in a bar on a Thursday is unheard of in "real life" but while in Mexico, anything was fair game. We danced and enjoyed a fairly impressive cover band and for the first time in years, didn't worry about how late we were staying out. Vacation treated us well and while by Friday, I was missing Connor something fierce. A week with just my main man was exactly what I needed!

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