Sunday, May 24, 2015

OHIO Chili Spaghetti :: #HormelChiliNation

When you think of chili, I'm sure the first place you think of is somewhere south. Maybe Texas even? I'm sure Ohio never crosses your mind. But it should! While most folks know of us to be the state that has a deep love for college football (O! H!...), Buckeyes (the edible chocolate type) and the birth place of aviation, we are also home the best chili spaghetti around! Chili spaghetti is commonly known as a heap of spaghetti topped with chili, cheese and oyster crackers, onions and beans are optional. Whatever you top your spaghetti with, the key ingredient is the HORMEL® Chili No Beans. 

Making Ohio style chili spaghetti is so simple. Boil your spaghetti according to the package. While this is boiling, warm your HORMEL® Chili in a sauce pan. Once your spaghetti is cooked al dente, drain and load your plate up. Top the spaghetti with a generous helping of chili, cheese and crackers. How simple and delicious is that?

Chili Spaghetti is the perfect last minute meal or one to make when the game is one and there is a touch of chill in the air. It's reminds me of home and being a true Buckeye at heart! HORMEL® Chili is America’s #1 chili and with so many varieties, Hormel Foods has a chili for everyone. Whether it’s a chili dog, chili cheese dip or your traditional chili in the bowl, HORMEL® Chili can be enjoyed year-round. HORMEL® Chili helps chili lovers savor traditions – all seasons, all occasions – by bringing together good foods and good times.

HORMEL® Chili shared over 50 regional ways to enjoy chili on their website and Facebook page to show fans Chili Nation, a nation that has declared their love for all things chili! Visit the HORMEL® Chili website for a sampling of recipes and chili pairings from every state, it also features videos, quizzes, and a coupon offering. Complete a brief quiz on the HORMEL® Chili website, and you can download a $1 off the purchase of any two Hormel Chili products!

Now I want to hear from you #HormelChiliNation! Comment below and tell me, what is your favorite way to eat chili? Chili dogs, chili and cheese dip or chili spaghetti are all favorites in our household!

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