Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother's Day Mom Exchange :: REVEAL

When the girls announced a Mother's Day themed exchange, I knew that it would be one that I had to join in on! As a Mom, we sometimes get overlooked, it's just part of the job, you know? It's nice to take a moment and celebrate this amazing role together, with other Moms.

I was given Michelle to shop for. Michelle isn't your typical Mom blogger... and that's why I think I feel in love with her the moment I read her blog. She shares her perspective as a Mom to grown children, life with grandchildren and ways to make the most of life. Grammie Time is a breath of fresh air in the blog world and I recommend you head over and check her out! I swear you will love every minute you spend with Michelle!

As fate would have it, my gifts were going to come from Kristen over at Rainbowtized. Kristen has been mentioned a time or two on Wife Mommy Me. She is a dear dear friend of ours in Texas, who just so happened to take up blogging after we moved home. She is also referred to as FavAuntKissten because well, she's our favorite. When it comes to all things rainbow, color and creativity, Kristen is your girl! She is my go to whenever I need something made. Well, her and Gram. Here is what Kristen sent me in my Mother's Day Mom Exchange.

Not only did Kristen customize my package to fit my current obsession, running, she also put a Rainbowtized twist on it with the tons of color! She handmade me a head and arm band that I've used for my runs along with fun Asics socks in bold color. What I loved the most in my gift was the Hickies. Hickies allow you to turn your sneakers into slip-ons, making lacing up your sneakers a thing of the past. I have a pair of running shoes I love but they never stay tied. Talk about a time killer! I popped on my neon Hickies and ran 2 miles without having to once retie my laces.

Michelle, it was a pleasure getting to know you and Kissten, as always, you know how to make this Momma's heart happy! To each of you who celebrated Mothers' Day, I hope it was just the kind of special day you deserve! Being a Momma isn't for the faint of heart and we deserve to be celebrated and spoiled.

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