Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Favorites :: May 29

Happy last Friday of May! Yeah, how is that even possible? The year is halfway over and in my opinion the best part of the year is headed our way (think Fall, birthdays and Christmas!). To kick off the weekend, I'm sharing some of my favorites this week. 


I have been planning, thinking and plotting out our Summer Reading Challenge and I can't wait to spend a portion of this summer reading, playing and discovering with Connor J. I am hoping to work on a handful of new skills and abilities with him prior to going to school in the Fall and I think our challenge will help get us there! Be sure to join us! We will conclude our book filled summer with a giveaway!


I ran every single day this week and have my my longest run scheduled for today. I've been feeling good lately and running has allowed me to release tension and stress with every inch of pavement I pound. On top of getting back into my running groove, I'm down a couple of pounds this month and I'm loving how I feel lately! Let's hope I can continue this healthy lifestyle.


I am a member of the One2One Network and was recently given the chance to receive and review Joy Williams' solo album VENUS. The moment I downloaded the album, I was reminded way I loved her when she was in the duo Civil Wars; her voice is haunting and fills you with a sense of emotion that many artists struggle to do. There is something in her voice, in her message that is very empowering for me as a woman, wife and mother. Her album is available on ITUNES and AMAZON. I highly recommend you pick up here CD. My top picks on VENUS are Sweet Love of Mine and Welcome Home. I did receive VENUS for free but the all opinions are my own ... of course!


Somehow I received a Pier 1 email and made the horrible mistake of opening it. Now... I. WANT. ALL. THE. THINGS! I've never shopped there before but want to. Daily. I love their holiday collections and the fun decor they offer but the price tag? No thanks. I'll stick to Target for decorating Case de Cox. Do you have a store that you wish you could shop at more often but can't for whatever reason? I feel like most people have this love of IKEA and while I think it's an fun store, I don't get as excited as others. Maybe it's because we have one just 45 minutes from us and lived nearly next door to one in Round Rock. So while the majority of the world is enjoying Swedish meatballs and ice cream cones, I'll be over hear wishing I could spend all our savings at Pier 1.


With the start of Summer just around the corner, my little family of 3 have already started enjoying local festivals and days outdoors. This past weekend we attended a heritage festival and we had such a good time that we ended up buying a membership to the park. Connor got it face painted and he and Daddy posed as "Hulk Smash". To keep things fun for the family, I've been adding play dates to our schedule and from the looks of it, we are going to have a BLAST this summer!

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