Friday, May 1, 2015

Connor James :: 2.5 years

Sweet Connor J., Momma's heart is breaking with how fast you are growing! Do me and Poppy a favor and slow it down a bit... pretty please! It's been exactly 6 months since I've done a monthly update and while changes aren't as big and often as they once were, some major things have occurred over the last 6 months that are worth documenting. 

Let's start with the biggest: YOU ARE PACIFIER FREE! and have been since February. At the time, you were obsessed with all things Toy Story and kept asking for a $50 Buzz Light Year each time we visited Target. We told you that if you wanted such a big big toy, you had to give up paci because big boys didn't use pacifiers. "Okay" you said and that was that. No joke. Easiest. Thing. Ever. You took Buzz to bed with you the first night and haven't looked back since. You did ask for a pacifier once when you were sick and I reminded you that you have Buzz now and you didn't fight me on it. To say we were shocked that you gave up your pacifier so easily is an understatement.

Our next big change will be getting you potty trained. You have to be diaper free for school in the Fall and classes start September 8th so that gives me exactly 4 whole months to find the courage to start the process with you. I'm aiming to start after our trip to Mississippi with FavAuntKissten and the gang in July. Please be ready because I am scared to death of this next step in the process of you being a big boy.

Here are a handful of things that I want to remember about you at 2.5:
* You would stay at the park all day long if possible. You love to run, climb, play and socialize. Find a park and we've found your happy place.
* You never stop talking. As much fun as this can be, sometimes I could really use some quiet time. But no, you are like Momma and talk, talk, talk. Which really isn't to bad when you say such funny things.
* Nothing in this world is going to get you to eat a veggie. The day that you knowingly eat a vegetable is going to be the single best day of my life as a Mom. #serious 
* School can't start soon enough for you. You are so excited to go and I hope that you always have that enthusiasm. Every time you see a school bus, you instantly ask when you are going to start school.
* Sleep... has finally arrived! You go to bed at 8:30 and sleep ALL NIGHT (!!!) and wake between 7:30 - 8:30. Every once in a while you will wake up at 5AM ready for the day and I just go with it. You nap still but some days we skip it because you "don't want to nap, Mommy. I want to hug with you". Who can say no to that? 

Nothing makes a Mommy's heart ache than a good old comparison photo. You were never a chubby baby but looking back, I can really tell that you are slowly shedding the baby look as you grow into Toddler Connor. Time goes by so fast, before we know it, we will be celebrating a 3 year old... and according to you, it will be with a Hulk Smash birthday and a green cake with green sprinkles. So much for my pajama and donut party idea.

Life with you has always been a wonderful journey. But now that we are back in Ohio, spending days with friends and family, it's been a new kind of adventure. You are learning about places, people and things you never knew before and it's such a great thing to witness.

We love you Connor ... to infinity and beyond!
Mommy and Poppy

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