Thursday, May 28, 2015

Coffee for Two || May

Thank you for joining me for Coffee for Two this month. I loved hearing from each of you last month. Part of the perk of joining us for a little girl talk is one lucky blogger is treated to free coffee from Courtney and I. April's Starbuck's winner is Keri from Living In This Season. Keri shared with us the lessons she learned in April; from lovin' a good mess to how overrated cleaning is to how sometimes simplicity is the way to go. Check out her post HERE. Thank you Keri for sharing your world with us.

During our first Coffee for Two dates, I shared miscellaneous thoughts; things you would share with your girlfriends over a Mocha. I love learning new things about my girlfriends and meeting new people because you never know what you may have in common. So with that in mind, this month I wanted to switch things up a bit with a fun Q&A. When you are finished here, head over to The So-Called Homemaker for more about me in her blogger spotlight.

My biggest ambition? For life and for my blog:
For life: There is no doubt that I want to be the very best wife to James and mother to Connor. I want to have a family that is strong, close and loving. I want to raise our son in a home filled with laughter and support. When I'm old and gray, I want to look back on our life together and know that James and I were the very best partners and parents.
For WMM: I've recently discovered that I am much more of a quality over quantity person when it comes to my blog. While growing your network and seeing your numbers grow is great, it's not what I find important anymore. I want to write about things that people can relate to; I want to always be real with my readers. In addition to that, I love connecting with other bloggers and supporting each other.

Name 3 people, died or alive, I'd like to have dinner with?
Elvis, JFK and Bruno Mars. 

Something unique about me:
I've had 3 last names but have only been married once. I was born with one last name, changed my last name when I was adopted and then again when I said "I do.".

What is the biggest challenge I've experience as a parent?
Let's be real for a second: there is no one challenge. Parenting is tough. Not all days but you have your fair share of them. This week's struggle is Connor doesn't want to eat when it's breakfast, lunch or dinner time. He wants to whine and complain and then ask for a snack the moment we get him out of his booster seat. But because toddlers love to keep things "fun", this stage will soon pass and I'll be complaining about something else this time next month! #momlife

5 items I can't live without:
* Carmex chapstick
* Hair ties
* A good book
* Google (but really!)
* Clorox wipes
Now it' your turn! Not only is Keri walking away with free coffee but so can you! Answer any of these questions in the comment section below and I'll pick one person to win a $5 Starbucks gift card.

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