Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Balance Life & Blogging with the #ETHANproject

As a full time blogger, new small business owner and SAHM, I often find myself stretched thin. When I look to cut back, blogging is the first thing to go. However, with cutting back, I have a sense of sadness because I love blogging and don't like feeling as if I'm neglecting it. With summer right around the corner, I know we will be busier than ever and I need to find balance for all the hats I wear. I've learned over the last 3 years that I can do it all as long as I have tools in place to facilitate a balanced life.

I've shared my tips and tools on how I keep WMM organized in this post. If you are to take anything away from my suggestions, I hope it's the importance of using a planner to keep your posts organized. Often times, inspiration strikes at the strangest moments and I'll grab my planner and jot down an idea that will later help me when I'm stuck for a post topic. Additionally, I like to see my week/month planned out because it removes last minute worries about what I'm going to write about.

Cut Back
Do you blog 5 days a week? Maybe scale back to 3 days a week. Sometimes more is less and this applies to the blog world just as much as life. Do you spend a lot of time promoting your blog on Instagram but see little feedback? Cut that out and focus on areas that bring the bigger results. I've had great results with Pinterest and Facebook so I usually stick to those social media outlets when promoting my blog.

You're familiar with keep things simple stupid, right? Use it to your advantage when blogging. Not every post needs to be Pinterest worthy or even all that detailed. Skip time consuming graphics and share a simple post with words only. I often find that I spend more time working on editing photos and putting together graphics than I do writing. A great way to share your life with readers without frills is to join us each Monday with a "Currently" post. One of my favorite posts to share is a photo dump. It might be because C is just so dang cute but it makes for a fun post and doesn't require a ton of work.

Schedule Posts Ahead of Time
Planning ahead and writing post days and sometimes weeks before has saved me so much last minute stress. During nap time, I can sometimes put together and schedule 2-3 posts, allowing me the grace to have posts written for when I'm away, busy or struggling with content. Currently, I have our Summer bucket list post completed and scheduled for later this month along with a random post that gives a glimpse into our daily routine along with a getting to know me post.

Use Writing Prompts
Sarah & Sammi over at Grounded and Surrounded have put together a summer blogging kit called the ETHAN Project. ETHAN stands for “Enjoy the Here and Now.” As a mom, we often times desire the chance to just be in the here and now with out littles one before they aren't so little anymore. This project is perfect for us busying Mom bloggers.

This affordable program gives you writing prompts, graphics, and social media strategy for 10 whole weeks. You’ll also get access to a private Facebook group to connect with others who want to enjoy the here and now while blogging this summer. I love how the kit comes completely organized into different folders for all 10 weeks. Each folder contains graphics, social media strategy for the week, and writing prompts; everything you need to have share a great post with your readers. I can’t even imagine how much time it will save Mom bloggers this summer.

The kit is only $9.95.. BUT I have a 20% off coupon for you! Just enter the code “wifemommyme” to receive your 20% off. This coupon is only good through 5/15! I am so excited to share with you the prompts and details of #ETHANproject over the summer but instead of watching me enjoying summer WHILE keeping up my blog, join me in the fun today!

Alright, it’s giveaway time! Who wants to win a FREE blogging kit for the #ETHANproject? Just comment below telling me WHY you want to be an #ETHANproject blogger and you’ll be entered to win! I’ll randomly pick a winner on 5/15 and the winner will be notified via email.

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