Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2015 Lou Cox Memorial Run :: Race #1

On Monday I raced my first race of the year and first officially timed race ever. Because I have a goal of completing 6 different races this year, I plan to document each here so that as a runner, I can see my progress. This will not only allow me to improve race after race but maybe give those who want to run or currently running a little extra push and support.

The quickest run I've ever had was 7 weeks ago, a treadmill in a YMCA. I was about to hit 3.14 in 45:14. I had signed up for the Lou Cox Memorial wanting to beat that time. Anything faster, even if it was just a second or two, was something to celebrate. It was this same run at the Y that resulted in some knee pain that would only pop up while running. Total bummer right? I decided that rather than push myself and cause more damage, I would stop running and work on weights, elliptical and add in longer walks.

Fast forward to Monday morning. My knee felt fine when I did a short half mile warm up. Usually it would be at this point that I would start feeling some discomfort and by the 1.5 mile mark would be limping. I felt confident. I felt ready and I knew that if I could push myself that I could set a personal record (PR). There is something about being with other runners. In the pack, going with the current and not wanting to be last that pushed me to run a little harder, walk a bit less.

The race started and I felt good and was able to run Mile 1 in 12:21 which is my single fastest mile ever ... by a total of 40 seconds. It was at about a mile in a half that I started feeling some knee pain. It would creep up when I widened my stride. Keep in mind that I'm 5' 1" so stride isn't really something I have a lot of to begin with. I decided to walk out the pain a bit and would resume running at 3 miles. Mile 2 pace was 14:25. Clearly, walking was did nothing for my pace. Whomp whomp! I was able to pick up some speed for the final full lap, making mile 3's time 13:39. My official time ended up being 41:10 seconds.

My goal for my next race to hit a 40 minute 5k. I think the area that will allow me to do this is mile 2, seeing how it was my slowest mile during this week's race. I'm going to focus on my pace over the next 4 weeks and work on getting my knee back to it's full range of motion. I never imagined that I would love running as much as I do. I'm really looking forward to hitting goals and making progress over the next 6 months.

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