Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Favorites :: May 29

Happy last Friday of May! Yeah, how is that even possible? The year is halfway over and in my opinion the best part of the year is headed our way (think Fall, birthdays and Christmas!). To kick off the weekend, I'm sharing some of my favorites this week. 


I have been planning, thinking and plotting out our Summer Reading Challenge and I can't wait to spend a portion of this summer reading, playing and discovering with Connor J. I am hoping to work on a handful of new skills and abilities with him prior to going to school in the Fall and I think our challenge will help get us there! Be sure to join us! We will conclude our book filled summer with a giveaway!


I ran every single day this week and have my my longest run scheduled for today. I've been feeling good lately and running has allowed me to release tension and stress with every inch of pavement I pound. On top of getting back into my running groove, I'm down a couple of pounds this month and I'm loving how I feel lately! Let's hope I can continue this healthy lifestyle.


I am a member of the One2One Network and was recently given the chance to receive and review Joy Williams' solo album VENUS. The moment I downloaded the album, I was reminded way I loved her when she was in the duo Civil Wars; her voice is haunting and fills you with a sense of emotion that many artists struggle to do. There is something in her voice, in her message that is very empowering for me as a woman, wife and mother. Her album is available on ITUNES and AMAZON. I highly recommend you pick up here CD. My top picks on VENUS are Sweet Love of Mine and Welcome Home. I did receive VENUS for free but the all opinions are my own ... of course!


Somehow I received a Pier 1 email and made the horrible mistake of opening it. Now... I. WANT. ALL. THE. THINGS! I've never shopped there before but want to. Daily. I love their holiday collections and the fun decor they offer but the price tag? No thanks. I'll stick to Target for decorating Case de Cox. Do you have a store that you wish you could shop at more often but can't for whatever reason? I feel like most people have this love of IKEA and while I think it's an fun store, I don't get as excited as others. Maybe it's because we have one just 45 minutes from us and lived nearly next door to one in Round Rock. So while the majority of the world is enjoying Swedish meatballs and ice cream cones, I'll be over hear wishing I could spend all our savings at Pier 1.


With the start of Summer just around the corner, my little family of 3 have already started enjoying local festivals and days outdoors. This past weekend we attended a heritage festival and we had such a good time that we ended up buying a membership to the park. Connor got it face painted and he and Daddy posed as "Hulk Smash". To keep things fun for the family, I've been adding play dates to our schedule and from the looks of it, we are going to have a BLAST this summer!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Coffee for Two || May

Thank you for joining me for Coffee for Two this month. I loved hearing from each of you last month. Part of the perk of joining us for a little girl talk is one lucky blogger is treated to free coffee from Courtney and I. April's Starbuck's winner is Keri from Living In This Season. Keri shared with us the lessons she learned in April; from lovin' a good mess to how overrated cleaning is to how sometimes simplicity is the way to go. Check out her post HERE. Thank you Keri for sharing your world with us.

During our first Coffee for Two dates, I shared miscellaneous thoughts; things you would share with your girlfriends over a Mocha. I love learning new things about my girlfriends and meeting new people because you never know what you may have in common. So with that in mind, this month I wanted to switch things up a bit with a fun Q&A. When you are finished here, head over to The So-Called Homemaker for more about me in her blogger spotlight.

My biggest ambition? For life and for my blog:
For life: There is no doubt that I want to be the very best wife to James and mother to Connor. I want to have a family that is strong, close and loving. I want to raise our son in a home filled with laughter and support. When I'm old and gray, I want to look back on our life together and know that James and I were the very best partners and parents.
For WMM: I've recently discovered that I am much more of a quality over quantity person when it comes to my blog. While growing your network and seeing your numbers grow is great, it's not what I find important anymore. I want to write about things that people can relate to; I want to always be real with my readers. In addition to that, I love connecting with other bloggers and supporting each other.

Name 3 people, died or alive, I'd like to have dinner with?
Elvis, JFK and Bruno Mars. 

Something unique about me:
I've had 3 last names but have only been married once. I was born with one last name, changed my last name when I was adopted and then again when I said "I do.".

What is the biggest challenge I've experience as a parent?
Let's be real for a second: there is no one challenge. Parenting is tough. Not all days but you have your fair share of them. This week's struggle is Connor doesn't want to eat when it's breakfast, lunch or dinner time. He wants to whine and complain and then ask for a snack the moment we get him out of his booster seat. But because toddlers love to keep things "fun", this stage will soon pass and I'll be complaining about something else this time next month! #momlife

5 items I can't live without:
* Carmex chapstick
* Hair ties
* A good book
* Google (but really!)
* Clorox wipes
Now it' your turn! Not only is Keri walking away with free coffee but so can you! Answer any of these questions in the comment section below and I'll pick one person to win a $5 Starbucks gift card.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2015 Lou Cox Memorial Run :: Race #1

On Monday I raced my first race of the year and first officially timed race ever. Because I have a goal of completing 6 different races this year, I plan to document each here so that as a runner, I can see my progress. This will not only allow me to improve race after race but maybe give those who want to run or currently running a little extra push and support.

The quickest run I've ever had was 7 weeks ago, a treadmill in a YMCA. I was about to hit 3.14 in 45:14. I had signed up for the Lou Cox Memorial wanting to beat that time. Anything faster, even if it was just a second or two, was something to celebrate. It was this same run at the Y that resulted in some knee pain that would only pop up while running. Total bummer right? I decided that rather than push myself and cause more damage, I would stop running and work on weights, elliptical and add in longer walks.

Fast forward to Monday morning. My knee felt fine when I did a short half mile warm up. Usually it would be at this point that I would start feeling some discomfort and by the 1.5 mile mark would be limping. I felt confident. I felt ready and I knew that if I could push myself that I could set a personal record (PR). There is something about being with other runners. In the pack, going with the current and not wanting to be last that pushed me to run a little harder, walk a bit less.

The race started and I felt good and was able to run Mile 1 in 12:21 which is my single fastest mile ever ... by a total of 40 seconds. It was at about a mile in a half that I started feeling some knee pain. It would creep up when I widened my stride. Keep in mind that I'm 5' 1" so stride isn't really something I have a lot of to begin with. I decided to walk out the pain a bit and would resume running at 3 miles. Mile 2 pace was 14:25. Clearly, walking was did nothing for my pace. Whomp whomp! I was able to pick up some speed for the final full lap, making mile 3's time 13:39. My official time ended up being 41:10 seconds.

My goal for my next race to hit a 40 minute 5k. I think the area that will allow me to do this is mile 2, seeing how it was my slowest mile during this week's race. I'm going to focus on my pace over the next 4 weeks and work on getting my knee back to it's full range of motion. I never imagined that I would love running as much as I do. I'm really looking forward to hitting goals and making progress over the next 6 months.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

MTT :: Becoming a Confident Mother

When I was younger, I had absolutely no clue what kind of Mom I wanted to be. I never gave one single thought to whether I would breastfed, co-sleep, feed him/her only organic or send them to daycare while I worked a 9-5. Fast forward two and half years later and I'm a mom who learned all too quickly that in the big scheme of things, none of those things matter. Not to your child anyway. Being able to grasp this concept has made me so confident as Connor's mother. It's this confidence in my role that has made the past 2 1/2 years some of the best years of my life.

Connor doesn't remember if he was breast or bottle fed. What he can tell you is that his favorite part of this weekend was that he got to be Captain American Dino Hulk and that he toured trains with Daddy. While I wish I could have had a better breastfeeding experience with Connor, I know that there is no doubt that I gave everything to my child in those early days. It may have came from a bottle but he was fed. He was swaddled. He was rocked. He was adored. And he thrived.

I never once thought I would share our bed with a 2.5 year old. But we do and I can't say I hate it. While it's the worst sleep ever and most times, James ends up on the couch at 4AM, there is just something that makes my heart melt when I can reach out and touch Connor's warm, baby soft self laying just inches from me. 6 our of 7 nights out of the week Connor sleeps all night in his crib but on the occasion that he wakes, there will be no hesitation: I will make room for him in our bed.

Regardless of it you are a stay at home Mom or working Mom, days are long and sometimes, it takes everything in you not to give up. As a Mom, you know your child. Every facial expression, moan, cry and attitude, you know. This makes you a pro. I am a pro at being Connor's Momma. No one knows Connor better than me. I know each and every tone in his voice. I know when he needs a bit more patience. I know the exact minute that his limits have been pushed. Some days are a thunderstorm and you are praying for just a bit of sun while others are filled with flowers and smiles. Either way, I can handle every bit of Connor; good, bad, happy or crabby.

Like life, there are seasons to parenting. In the beginning, you have the sleep deprived new baby stage. Time goes on and you find yourself with a one year old who is slowly grasping what it means to be a little person and your world is turned upside down thanks to a tiny tornado. Then one day you wake up and realize that your single purpose is to make your little one happy, that you are spending your day with your best friend. To facilitate a childhood that involves making memories, creating friendships, protecting them from the ugly of the world and giving them the chance to find their own confidence. As a mother, you take this opportunity and you confidently raise the next generation. You step up to the plate with as much confidence as a Momma can muster and you rock motherhood. You shine. You excel and you live like there is nothing more important than being this little person's biggest fan. Because when you think about it, that's what you are: a loving, supporting, confident mother.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Summer Reading Challenge - Details & Printable

Last week I shared my summer reading list along with a glimpse into books I hope to read with Connor this summer. Reading is something that I'm very passionate about, something we want to continuously nourish in Connor. We visit the library weekly, bringing home a new huge stack of books each time and we read every single day.  I was so pleased when Connor started to show an interest in being read to and reading books himself. I had so hoped it would be something he would love as much as I do.

That being said Courtney, Elizabeth and I came up with a Summer Reading Challenge for the kiddos. Nothing high maintenance, but a fun way to mimic summer reading programs that start up once you get in school. Sometimes we could all use a little motivation to go out and find new books.
Sweet Turtle Soup: Summer Reading Challenge - Announcement!

The challenge is 12 weeks long with the goal being a new book every week - it runs from June 1st to August 20th. Every three weeks there will be a link up to share how the challenge is going, which new books you've been reading, how you've liked them, and any activities you came up with to go along with them, etc etc. The link up dates are: June 18th, July 9th, July 30th, and August 20th.

You can snag the graphic below to keep track of your progress - and who doesn't enjoy checking off things from a list.

Sweet Turtle Soup: Summer Reading Challenge - Announcement!

We've even come up with some themes that you can pick from to add a little bit more fun to the challenge each week. You absolutely do not have to pick books based on these themes or any themes at all. It is just an extra little something to add to your reading goals if you so choose.

Sweet Turtle Soup: Summer Reading Challenge - Announcement!
And, at the end of it all there will be a 'hooray you've completed the challenge' giveaway! A little something for mom and a little something for kiddo - you just need to have joined in on the Summer Reading Challenge and linked up at least once to be eligible. That is all there is to it. We'd love for you to read with us this summer. I for one am always looking for another good book. Happy reading!

Wife Mommy Me

Happy reading friends!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

OHIO Chili Spaghetti :: #HormelChiliNation

When you think of chili, I'm sure the first place you think of is somewhere south. Maybe Texas even? I'm sure Ohio never crosses your mind. But it should! While most folks know of us to be the state that has a deep love for college football (O! H!...), Buckeyes (the edible chocolate type) and the birth place of aviation, we are also home the best chili spaghetti around! Chili spaghetti is commonly known as a heap of spaghetti topped with chili, cheese and oyster crackers, onions and beans are optional. Whatever you top your spaghetti with, the key ingredient is the HORMEL® Chili No Beans. 

Making Ohio style chili spaghetti is so simple. Boil your spaghetti according to the package. While this is boiling, warm your HORMEL® Chili in a sauce pan. Once your spaghetti is cooked al dente, drain and load your plate up. Top the spaghetti with a generous helping of chili, cheese and crackers. How simple and delicious is that?

Chili Spaghetti is the perfect last minute meal or one to make when the game is one and there is a touch of chill in the air. It's reminds me of home and being a true Buckeye at heart! HORMEL® Chili is America’s #1 chili and with so many varieties, Hormel Foods has a chili for everyone. Whether it’s a chili dog, chili cheese dip or your traditional chili in the bowl, HORMEL® Chili can be enjoyed year-round. HORMEL® Chili helps chili lovers savor traditions – all seasons, all occasions – by bringing together good foods and good times.

HORMEL® Chili shared over 50 regional ways to enjoy chili on their website and Facebook page to show fans Chili Nation, a nation that has declared their love for all things chili! Visit the HORMEL® Chili website for a sampling of recipes and chili pairings from every state, it also features videos, quizzes, and a coupon offering. Complete a brief quiz on the HORMEL® Chili website, and you can download a $1 off the purchase of any two Hormel Chili products!

Now I want to hear from you #HormelChiliNation! Comment below and tell me, what is your favorite way to eat chili? Chili dogs, chili and cheese dip or chili spaghetti are all favorites in our household!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Summer Reading List :: Toddler Edition

Earlier this week, I shared my summer reading list. I''m happy to report that I've been able to check one of those books off my list: Promise to Keep, which puts me having read 5 books this year. Pick it up but I'm warning you, you will cry. Now that I've found my reading groove again, I've decided to set reading goals for Connor this summer too. He loves to read/be read to and looks forward to our weekly visits to the library to pick out new books.

On Wednesday when we visited, the library was kicking off it's summer reading program. We were given our reading tracker along with a list of suggested books for Connor. Our librarian also challenged us to share our reading challenge with friends by giving them a challenge ourselves. Connor and I were excited at the idea of reading with friends. We raced home and picked a handful of friends and sent each of them a reading themed piece of snail mail.  Once I know everyone has received theirs, I'll share our packages on IG.

For those of you curious as to what books our local branch is recommending for a preschooler, here is Connor's list based off of their suggestions. I would love to read 15 new books this Summer in addition to our favorites.

LMNO Peas by Keith Barker
Shark vs. Train by Chris Barton
Llama, Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney
Planting a Rainbow by Lois Elhert
Chicken said "Cluck!" by Judyann Ackerman Grant
My Heart is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall
Shape by Shape by Suse MacDonald
Sheep on a Ship by Nancy Shaw
Bunny Money by Rosemary Wells
The Napping House by Audrey Wood
I Stink! by Kate McMullan

(reading list was updated as of 7/9)

What are some of your children's favorite books? We have a pretty good collection of books already but as Connor grows, I'll need to trade out "baby" books for "big boy" options.

Happy Friday friends!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

5 Bible Verses for Every Day Life as a Mom

One area of my life that I would really like to focus more attention is Bible study, particularly memorizing verses and really understanding the messages within the Bible as a whole. I'm a bit overwhelmed by how much the Bible can teach us so I thought that best way for me to start knowing and memorizing it is by focusing on 5 scriptures a month. If I did this for an entire year, I would soon be able to recite 60 Bible verses. To help myself (and maybe you, too), I've picked my first 5 verses based on how they can help me as a wife/mom/friend/person.

Psalm 37:7 "Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him..."
I often find myself being very impatient. Be it with myself, Connor, my husband, life in general. I want instant results. Patience is something I truly need to work on.

Why Me?
Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me."
It's easy to fall into a pit of poor me when things aren't going well. I often forget in these moments that as long as I trust in God's plans, he will always shower me with the strength I need.

Proverbs 12:25 "Anxiety in a man's heart weights him down but a good word makes him glad."
I am much more anxiety ridden than I was before becoming a Mom. I'm sure it's just part of the "job". We all know that if we focus on the good, we tend to have a better outlook on things.

Colossians 3:14 "Most of all, let love guide your life."
Such an perfect idea, right? I need to love and give more. Be more friendly, opening and accepting. I need to set a loving, Christian example for Connor. Letting love guide my life and marriage sounds like the perfect plan.

Psalm 45:5 "God is within her, she will not fail; God will help her at break of day."
Thanks to social media and the Mommy wars, it's so easily to feel self-conscious. More than anything, I need to know that I am the person God wanted me to be. He didn't make me by mistake. He blessed me with Connor because he knows that I am the perfect Momma to him. 

I am not a perfect wife, mom, daughter, sister or friend. But what I am is someone who cares and loves deeply. I'm hoping by reciting and reminding myself of God's promises in these scriptures that my days will be filled with more hope and love than ever before!

What are your go-to verses when you are feeling defeated or at your wits end? As I shared earlier, I'm hoping to really amp up my Bible verse knowledge and I would love to add your verse to my list. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Goal Recap : January - May

Remember when I used to check in on a monthly basis and let y'all know how I was doing with my goals? Well that was so 2014. And I mean that. I shared my 2015 goals on January 1st and that was that. I haven't really focused on my goals which is really sad since my 2015 word was focus. Pretty much, I'm failing left and right in the goal department. But I figure better late than never and decided to kick it up the last 6 months of the year and see what kind of progress I can make.

Health & Wellness
Let's kick this update with a big fat fail, literally! I'm fairly certain I've gained weight. How much? Who knows! I don't weight myself. I know by the way my clothes fit that I'm not losing anything. My original goal was to lose 32 pounds while being 32. Unless I really kick it up a notch (and back away from the sweets), there is no way I'm losing 32 pounds in 6 months. On a positive note, I haven't had a pop in 10 days which is huge for me because pop was my only source of caffeine. But I can already tell a difference in how I feel because I'm no longer drinking crap. Additionally, I run my first 5k of the year on Monday. That race time, as long as I'm able to run... I've been having a ton of knee pain lately, will be what I aim to bet race after race.

Financial Freedom
We have been working on saving more and spending less. Our budget has yet to be established but we are making good strides in being more aware of what we spend when we are out and about. My biggest weakness is buying Connor things and overspending at Target. You know how that is, though, don't you? You go in for facial scrub and grape jelly and spend over $70. Damn you, Target! We are going to sit down this weekend and plan our budget for the rest of the year. Wish us luck!

Personal Growth
As a stay at home Mom, my main focus has been and will always be on Connor. But that doesn't mean I shouldn't do things that make me happy or push me in ways that make me feel accomplished. I've recently became a Independent Jamberry Consultant. I have a handful of parties under my belt and can honestly say I really love the product, the company and the community I'm now a part of. I like having a little bit of "me money" and the ability to know I'm doing something for me! My Jamberry launch party is tonight on Facebook - join if you'd like! No pressure!

Indulging My Hobbies
My two hobbies are running and reading. Both have been suffering this year. I don't know if it was our move or being with family and friends again or maybe both, but I've been slacking on hitting goals and running and reading has been the very least of my priorities. Which is no bueno since I love both. I mean love. I'm one of those people that love to curl up on the sofa and read until 1-2AM. The same goes for running. I love the how I feel after a run. I love knowing that I just pushed myself to run 3,4,5 miles. Operation run and read (not at the same time, of course) is in full effect! Let's see how many miles and books I can log by the end of June!

Creating Family Memories
Connor is at the most amazing age right now. 2.5 is where it's at, Mamas! Wait until your little one gets there... it's the best. Unless of course they decide to play around with the Terrible Twos and then I'm horribly sorry! Because he is so much fun, we've been able to really enjoy family nights, going on park crawls (yup, that's a thing!), going to the movies and so much more. One activity we've been doing more of here in Ohio than when were in Texas was going to church. Connor looks forward to going to church and playing. James and I love the messages we get from the sermons. It's been a wonderful addition to our family.

Moving to a new state and smaller house did wonders on the amount of extra stuff we had laying around. If it wasn't so stressful and expensive, I would recommend it anyone who feels like they have too much crap laying around! To get rid of the last bit of stuff we don't use/need/want, we are joining Dean and her neighborhood in June for a yard sale. We currently have a basement filled with stuff we aren't using nor plan on using so I hope that the yard sale provides me with a chance of getting rid of it and making a few bucks in the process.

From January until now, there hasn't been much goal progress but now that I have reminded myself of my yearly goals along with my word of the year, I'm hoping to do more over the next 6 months and end the year strong with multiple goals achieved!

Did you set goals for the new year? How are you doing when it comes to being accountable? Let me know and I'll be sure to touch base with you throughout the remaining year to help push you to success!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Summer Survival Kit

Last year I shared our play date must haves and while many of those items are still a must have, we've moved on to bigger and better ways to play. Long gone are the days of simple clean play dates. We are now two and a half and the world is our playground, meaning we will make a mess and things will get dirty! Sandboxes, Popsicles and ice cream and taking a hike make for great fun but even greater messes! To combat such messy moments, I've put together our Summer Survival kit!

A morning at the park usually ends up with C being covered in dirt, sweat or needing a bath. To help keep things in check, our bucket is filled with supplies to make clean up a breeze along with other just in case items.
  • A clean outfit
  • Diapers (both swim and regular; you never know when you'll come across an inviting splash pad)
  • Sunscreen
  • Band-aids
  • First aid ointments such as antibiotic and itch stopping cream along with disinfectant spray
  • A pack of pocket Kleenex 
  • Huggies® Wipes - new and improved!

Huggies® Wipes are a great way to clean up any family’s mess, not just baby's. I'm fairly confident that no matter how old Connor gets, I'll always have wipes on hand. Huggies® Wipes are best because of their TripleClean™ technology that no other wipe offers. These thick, durable wipes make cleaning messy faces, hands and little boy bodies a breeze. Huggies® Wipes come in a variety of fun, convenient packaging, so whether you keep them stashed in your living room, or bag, or car, there is a design that will suit your needs. 


Thank you Huggies® for sponsoring today's post and inspiring to try Huggies® Wipes at Walmart. Check out Walmart's landing page, filled with fun videos of little ones putting Huggies® Wipes to the test!
  • 101: HUGGIES® Wipes, the ONLY wipes with TripleClean* layers. Because Kids Outgrow Diapers, Not Messes.*
  • Explorers: Don’t let a little mess get in the way of a lot of fun! HUGGIES® Wipes helps ALL explorers stay in the adventure.
  • Pasta Baby: Question: What happens when babies and pasta collide? Answer: HUGGIES® Wipes with TripleClean* layers.
  • Playtime:  Playtime can be a dirty job. HUGGIES® Wipes. Keep the play. Not the dirty.

With summer just weeks away, it's time to start planning the fun you'll have! We have a vacation scheduled and of course, I'll be sharing our Summer bucket list! What's on your agenda this year?

Monday, May 18, 2015

Summer 2015 Reading List

Before you scream "But Stephanie! Who has time to read?", I want to acknowledge that I know how hard it is to find time to read a magazine, let along a entire book. But if you are a busy Mom like me who loves to read and struggles with finding the time, I wanna push you this Summer to find a few minutes every day to read just a bit. One of my tricks to reading more during the day is to either a) wake up before Connor and read for a few minutes in bed or curled up on the couch or b) at night, when Connor's been tucked in and we have a few minutes to just chill. Reading as little as 20-30 minutes a day adds up and before you know it, you've finished an entire book! Say what? Crazy right?

Here are a handful of books I plan to check off my "to read" lists (yes there is more than one list #bookwormproblems) this summer. I'm aiming for 2 a month between now and the end of August.

{updated and edited on August 18th} 
Have you read any of the ones I listed? What's your thoughts? What's on your Summer reading list? The six I shard are one that I have been wanting to read for a while now and just haven't had the time. I've pulled them all and have them on my night stand, just waiting for me to read.
Happy Monday, friends!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Take Me Back :: Cabo Edition

It's been nearly 3 years since James and I went on a vacation by ourselves. Mind you, I was pregnant and we were on our babymoon so really, C was there with us, too! So when James won Manager of the Year at work his reward was a trip to Cabo San Lucas, MX. While I should say I was hesitant to leave Connor for a week, I wasn't. I've never been out of the country and this was my chance, on someone else's dime. He was going to my parents and as we all know, a week with grandparents is Heaven on Earth for a 2 year old. While Connor stayed back with family, James and I took this trip to reconnect, experience new places and make memories.

I love the ocean. The sound, the smell, the feel. Mark my words, one day we will live within driving distance of the ocean. I'm not picky, Pacific or Atlantic, either will do. While we vacationed, we took in the sights from our balcony, we took beach selfies and spent one too many hours out by the pool.

Can I suggest one thing? If you are ever going to a resort, get the all inclusive package. While I don't drink a lot, we were able to get beverages at each pool and restaurant along with lunch served to us at the pool. Talk about a Momma's dream come true: being waited on! Our resort had everything we needed so it was so easy to get meals, snacks and drinks and have them billed to our room. It was also nice that transportation to and from places at the resort was provided as well in the form of golf carts. Needless to say, we did very little walking!

And because we were on vacation and child-free for the week, I decided to let down my hair as they say and ventured out to Cabo Wabo. Us in a bar on a Thursday is unheard of in "real life" but while in Mexico, anything was fair game. We danced and enjoyed a fairly impressive cover band and for the first time in years, didn't worry about how late we were staying out. Vacation treated us well and while by Friday, I was missing Connor something fierce. A week with just my main man was exactly what I needed!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother's Day Mom Exchange :: REVEAL

When the girls announced a Mother's Day themed exchange, I knew that it would be one that I had to join in on! As a Mom, we sometimes get overlooked, it's just part of the job, you know? It's nice to take a moment and celebrate this amazing role together, with other Moms.

I was given Michelle to shop for. Michelle isn't your typical Mom blogger... and that's why I think I feel in love with her the moment I read her blog. She shares her perspective as a Mom to grown children, life with grandchildren and ways to make the most of life. Grammie Time is a breath of fresh air in the blog world and I recommend you head over and check her out! I swear you will love every minute you spend with Michelle!

As fate would have it, my gifts were going to come from Kristen over at Rainbowtized. Kristen has been mentioned a time or two on Wife Mommy Me. She is a dear dear friend of ours in Texas, who just so happened to take up blogging after we moved home. She is also referred to as FavAuntKissten because well, she's our favorite. When it comes to all things rainbow, color and creativity, Kristen is your girl! She is my go to whenever I need something made. Well, her and Gram. Here is what Kristen sent me in my Mother's Day Mom Exchange.

Not only did Kristen customize my package to fit my current obsession, running, she also put a Rainbowtized twist on it with the tons of color! She handmade me a head and arm band that I've used for my runs along with fun Asics socks in bold color. What I loved the most in my gift was the Hickies. Hickies allow you to turn your sneakers into slip-ons, making lacing up your sneakers a thing of the past. I have a pair of running shoes I love but they never stay tied. Talk about a time killer! I popped on my neon Hickies and ran 2 miles without having to once retie my laces.

Michelle, it was a pleasure getting to know you and Kissten, as always, you know how to make this Momma's heart happy! To each of you who celebrated Mothers' Day, I hope it was just the kind of special day you deserve! Being a Momma isn't for the faint of heart and we deserve to be celebrated and spoiled.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Yiplit Weekly Steals & Deals

As a single income family, I'm often on the lookout for the best deals. The majority of my shopping is online, where I'm able to find the best deals from the comfort of my home. I was recently introduced to Yipit. For shoppers, compiles the best deals in your city from services like Groupon, LivingSocial, Gilt City and hundreds more, giving you the biggest bang for your buck! Our friends at Yipit have curated the best deals this week in the 10 largest U.S. cities. Additionally, they have included the 5 best offers available now nationwide. Enjoy and happy shopping!



San Diego

New York

Los Angeles





San Jose

San Antonio