Friday, April 3, 2015

WMM1001 :: Update & Goals

In November, I shared my 101 in 1001 Days list. Today, I'm going to check in and see what progress I've made with my list. While there are bigger tasks that are going to take some planning and time to accomplish, others are just fun tasks to tackle through the next 1001 days.

Here are the ones I've completed so far:
  1. Travel to California - visit November 2014
  2. Create a pen-pal - meet Courtney from Shiraz In My Sippy Cup
  3. Inspire someone else to create their on 101 in 1001 list - Read Lindsay's List HERE
  4. Meet Desiree and Liz - blogged about it HERE
  5. Redesign Wife Mommy Me -thanks to Erin of Designs by Erin
  6. Get a passport - Cabo here we come!
  7. Hit 600 followers on Google Friend Connect - completed December 2014
  8. Collaborate with a blog friend for a project I believe in - Coffee for Two with Courtney
  9. Find our perfect "home church"- accomplished March 2015
As of this morning, I'm at 8% of my goal. While that doesn't seem like much, I've been able to knock out 9 tasks in 4 months so that's not too bad when you look at that way. Here are some of the task I'm aiming to complete this Spring:

Create a family budget || Go on a picnic with the boys || Go an entire day without social media
Buy a stranger coffe (Play It Forward) || Complete a "Photo A Hour" project || Start a new family tradition 

One goal listed is that I send snail mail to friends in at least 10 states. I have friends in Texas, Michigan, Tennessee, Georgia, Maine, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa and California to write to but I'm one state short. Which got me thinking: how cool would it be if I could send mail to friends in every single state? If you would like to receive a small piece of snail mail from Connor and I, we would love to send you something. Please email me ( and I'll add you to our list! 

(to see my entire list, visit my original post HERE)

Happy Friday, friends!
Enjoy your Easter weekend. 

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