Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Wife Mommy Inspire :: April Printable

You know those days when nothing goes right? When you can't seem to accomplish everything you set out to? Your little one(s) has been a bear all day and absolutely nothing you do, say or offer can make them happy? How about when your boss continues to pile on the work, with no end in sight? Not all days are like that, thankfully. But they do happen, coming hard and fast, leaving your with a heavy heart.

But when you have a day that's just too much, a word of encouragement can go a long way. A kind word can work magic on a girl's heart. That's when the idea of Wife Mommy Inspire came to be. With the help of Leah of Leah With Love who created the printable, I've put together a simple way for overburden, busy wives and mothers to receive a positive message when they need it most. Here is April's positive affirmation: 

Print this out. Frame it. Add it to your command center. Tape it to your front door. Carry it in your bag. Whatever works for you, works for us. When days are long and can't seem to tackle one more crisis, chore or responsibility, take a moment and read these words and hear this message from one friend to another:

Keep the faith. Even on the worst of days, when the sun isn't shining in your world and Spring (happiness, order, compassion) is gone, there is still beauty. Even in the biggest of messes. 

I would love to see your Wife Mommy Inspire in motion. However you display it or use the message, share an image on social media using the hashtag #wifemommyinspire. Social media touches every corner of the country, bringing together woman in all walks of life. Using this unique hashtag, we will be able to share, communicate and support each other on the best or worst of days.

To access your copy of Wife Mommy Inspire April printable, click here and download the PDF.

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