Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Our Favorite Learning Resources

One part of parenting I love the most is teaching Connor and preparing him for school. Finding ways to teach him his letters, numbers, ABC's and to explore our world has been such a fun challenge over the last year or so. It would be so easy to just chill all day in front of the TV or knee deep in the playroom but I want to provide Connor a good foundation for school. My motto is that Connor is a direct reflection of me as SAHM so I take that role seriously by focusing a part of our day, every day, working with him on one topic or another. I've compiled a list of what we've been using and I hope it helps other Mommas out there.

Resource #1 :: Kate from Gift of Curiosity is my go to site and resource for printables, lessons and even ideas on new topics/concepts to share with Connor. Subscribe to her email list and you'll get weekly emails with exclusive content. As a subscribe, you'll be able to access Kate's printables by season/holiday and they are fantastic!

Resource # 2 :: The public library! We visit the library at least once a week. We first enjoy story time. This week's Wiggly Worms class offered up 40 minutes to read stories, dance, sing songs, and complete a simple craft. Not only is the a wonderful way to get your little one to mingle with others, but there is usually a theme to each story time.

Resource #3 :: Mommy School with Leah over at Leah with Love has great ideas for little ones. Her daughter and Connor are close to age (think 2-3) so the ideas Leah shares are perfect for C. She is great at putting theme lessons together. Our favorite one was the unit on transportation.

Resource #4 :: Your local mall. Our mall in Texas and the one here both have wonderful childrens programs. The last Friday of each month we have a chance to spend an hour or so with 25-30 other kids, receive goodies and enjoy a presenter. This past Friday we had a gentleman that brought different animals with him and had a small show and tell. It gave the kids the fun opportunity to see and touch animals that aren't usually in their habitat.

Resource #5 :: Childrens museums are a excellent way to kill an entire morning, learning about fresh topics while allowing your little one to stretch their legs and visit with other children. Often there is a special attraction or series and those make for a fun experience for Connor. Along with museums, we love visiting the zoo and aquarium. Both provide loads of fun and teachable material.

How do you incorporate "school" and learning into your child's every day schedule? I'm always look for new ideas so please share!

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