Monday, April 13, 2015

My Thankful Heart :: A Momma's Reminder

Life can sometimes be a lot to handle. It can weigh you down. Give you more than you can juggle. It can leave you feeling so overwhelmed. And it's really easy to get to the point where you feel nothing but despair and allow nothing but negative situations dictate your life.

Last week was a one for the books, friends. If you are a parent, you know how hard it is to take care of a sick child. While I wouldn't want the sinus or ear infection myself, I would gladly take it in place of Connor if it meant he felt better. The bulk of my week was spent taking battling his fever, administering medicine, making him as comfortable as possible, leaving little time for much else.

While trying to convince Connor to drink or eat something, I realized how aggravated I was. I just wanted my baby to be better. I was sick of the chaos of our week. I wanted normal back. The moment I realized how short and unfair I was being with my sick son and our situation, I felt this immense amount of shame wash over me. He can't help it that he is sick. I can only do so much. We have to trust in the process and let the medicine do it's job.

I need to be more thankful of what I have and how blessed I am. There are families out there that would love a child, who would love to be able to spend their days taking care of a little one, sick or not. I need to be more thankful of the every day. I need to know that this phase won't last forever so I need to suck it up and be thankful we have the resources to get C to the doctor, the money for his antibiotic, the ability for me to be home with him and not missing work to care for him. 

God has blessed me with more than I ever imagined I would have, want or need. I need to give thanks daily for all of those blessings. Yes life can beat you down but there has to be something you can be thankful for daily. We've all heard the saying "If all you had tomorrow was what you thanked God for today, how much would you have?". Let that sink in for a minute. What have you thanked God for lately? It's just as easy to give thanks as it is to complain. From one busy Momma to another... remember to give thanks. Every. single. day.

What are you thankful for this Monday morning?

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