Tuesday, April 28, 2015

MTT :: Sharing Our Faith with a Little One

There are always tough parts of parenting. While some obstacles seem obvious, I find the daily lessons to be the hardest sometimes. Ones of those is teaching a 2.5 year old about God, Heaven and religion. It goes without saying that I am still learning what it means to be a Christian and being the Godly example that is expected of me. If I fail, I know without a doubt it will be tough for a little one to really grasp the concept of faith and God.

We have found a church here in Dayton and we love, love, love it. It's exactly what we've been looking for in a church. Connor goes with us and plays in child watch, receiving just a bit of Bible study each week. I want nothing more than for our son to be someone that is comfortable about his faith, where he stands on religion and to be proud to be a Christian. Connor was dedicated 2 years ago and one day, he will be baptized. Until he accepts Jesus Christ into his heart, it's up to James and I to share what we can so that Connor understands more and more about Jesus Christ. We've found that it's easier than we expected to share with Connor the importance of faith and being a Christian.

Each day, we pray at lunch time and at bedtime, giving thanks for our blessings. This has been something that Connor has picked up easily and has even reminded us that we need to do our "Night Night Prayer". Our prayer is simple right now. Connor repeats after us: "Dear Jesus. Thank you for our blessings. Thank you for Mommy and Daddy. (He usually thanks him for a random toy). We love you Jesus. Amen".

We read from Connor's children's Bible, Treasury of Bible Stories. It's more of a story than scripture and that's perfect for a 2 year old. And if I'm being honest, I've learned quiet a bit from this book, too. We read a bit daily and Connor enjoys the pictures and has picked up on the theme of the book and knows that it's a book about Jesus.

I started our Toddler Bible Study and it's been a great way to share concepts that are familiar to Connor, while sharing verses from the Bible as well. We've learned that Jesus LISTENS, LOVES AND SMILES. Connor knows what those words means so tying them back to Jesus has been easier than I imagined. Later this week, I will be sharing how God watches.

As Connor gets older, our talks of faith and Heaven will become more serious. One thing I want to express to him is that Jesus or Heaven or religion isn't something to be scared of. As a little girl, I recall hearing someone say "They went to be with Jesus" and that person was never seen again. This was a little frightening at first. I want Connor to have a solid understand of what wonderful things lay ahead for him in his relationship with Christ. I was raised in church and knew Jesus as my friend, but that statement was bit unsettling for me. As I grew in my faith, I understood the statement that much more.

Along the way, I've learned so much about myself as a Christian and more than anything, it's been a growing period for us as parents. There are so many lessons we teach our children and I truly believe that sharing Jesus Christ is a very important one. How do you share your faith with your little one(s)? As always, I'm constantly looking for ways to share more and be a better example and any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

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