Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring Bucket List :: Update 1

With April coming to an end and summer slowly moving in, I thought today would be a good day to check in on our Spring Bucket List. I love the idea of bucket lists. It provides a fun way to make memories as well as give me ideas of things to do when days are long or I'm running low on creative ways to have fun as a family.

Connor's List
Visit three new parks :: Thanks to warm, sunny days, we got to visit a handful of parks over the last few weeks.
Momma's List
Set up deck for warm weather fun in the backyard :: not only is it set up but we've spent many an afternoon out there playing!
Dinner with Sarah :: done! It's so nice being home and having close friends nearby for dinner dates.
Schedule Connor's 2.5 year old photos :: I've decided to put the photography skills I have to use and take a stab at this myself. Eek!

Family List
Enjoy an afternoon at Young's Dairy :: Connor loved being out at Young's! We took a train ride, enjoyed a petting zoo and played golf!

We have a ton of things to check off our original list! It looks like May is going to be a busy month with all that we have left to do!
Happy Monday friends!

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