Friday, April 10, 2015

A Week In Numbers

Happy Friday friends! Oh what a week it's been... let me tell you all about it with a little help in the form a number...

6 ... the number of weeks Connor has been sick. Either with a cold, virus or allergies. Care to pass the wine?

103.3 ... how high his temperature got on Wednesday evening. All the medicine in the world wasn't going to cut through the madness.

1 ... the number of antibiotics we finally got so that we can kick this sinus/ear infection's booty.

0 ... the number of loads of laundry I was able to do this week along with the number of times I made it to the gym.

2 ... the number of days it's supposed to be warm and sunny this weekend. I'm really looking forward to getting outdoors Saturday and Sunday. We need some Vitamin D, fresh air and the chance to stretch our legs.

3 ... the number of box swaps I signed up for... what in the world was I thinking? But hey... that also means I'll have 3 packages headed my way soon as well!

5 ... the number of caffeinated beverages I consumed this week. I'll give up caffeine when Connor heads off to college. 

20 ... the price I paid for 2 lipsticks... yup, you read that right! Lipstick. I'm on the hunt for the perfect shade of red and a fun every day color. (Who am I?)

13 ... the number of projects I've written down to tackle before our trip to Mexico. Anyone wanna take bets on how many I can accomplish? (I'd aim low if I were you)

22 ... the number of days until I'll be on a plane to Cabo. I can. not. wait! to get my toes in the sand and enjoy some one on one with Coxy.

While our week didn't go as I would have liked, things are looking up for Connor and we have warm weather moving in. And I always count on the next day/week to be better than the week before so that's something to look forward to! Maybe this coming week will be back to life as we know (and like) it.

Happy Weekend!

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