Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Boy, A Fishing Pole & His Mammaw

When we decided to move out of state in December 2012 I really struggled with moving Connor away from his grandparents. I'm 32 and have no living grandparents so when starting a family, one thing I always said was that I hope Connor has a wonderfully constant relationship with his grandparents. Connor has 2 grandmas, on here on Earth and one watching over him from Heaven and one grandpa. I want nothing more than to see him grow close and appreciate his grandparents the way I wish I had the chance to.

Easter was one of the first sunny, warm days of Spring for us in southwest Ohio and Connor got the chance to go fishing for the first time. I'm totally clueless of what you should or shouldn't do when fishing so Connor has a knowledgeable teacher in his Mammaw.

My parents recently purchased a farm house with 30+ acres and 2 ponds. It's really a little boys (and some mens) dream come true. Connor loves being outdoors, going on adventures and being all boy. While his technique needs some work, there is no doubt he had the very best time trying to catch a fish.

And in true Connor J fashion "I'm a big boy; I do it myself", he did most of the work while Mammaw supervised. It's moments like these that make me so glad that we are back in Ohio. That Connor has the chance to see his uncles, cousins and grandparents. That he will get the chance to makes such precious memories with his family.

Our time in Texas was exactly what our family needed during a particular season of our lives. Now, we are home and more than ready to start carving out family time and spending afternoons together, making memories and experiencing firsts. 

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