Thursday, April 9, 2015

20 Fun Stephanie Facts

It's been a while since I've done an "about me" post and since there are some new folks following our journey, I figured I should share a bit about me for a change. Sometimes I get caught up in themed posts that I forget some of you may not know a ton about me. I thought today would be a good day to share a little. Nothing too heavy or important but that gives you a little Stephanie trivia.

Once I read these, I thought to myself number 20 sounds a bit extreme and cold. It's not at all. I could have used better wording. I'm not an emotional person or very sentimental. I don't cry often or get worked up easily. Folks joke that I'm dead inside. Since becoming a mother, that's all changed. I'm so much more emotional and transparent. I feel things like never before, thanks to the desire to have Connor grow up to have a happy childhood. I felt the need to explain that one... I don't want folks thinking I'm a empty shell of a person. Oh no... I feel all the feelings! #momproblems

Happy Friday Eve! 

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