Thursday, March 26, 2015

Coffee For Two || March

Getting together with girlfriends is an activity that I hold dear. As a full time SAHM some of my days are filled with nothing but 2 year old fun (and the occasional moment of chaos). Etching out time with my friends can be hit or miss so I treasure the time we get together. If you and I were to grab a cup of coffee and settled in for some "us" time, this is what I would be sharing...

... I miss Texas far more than I ever imagined. I miss the warm Spring weather, the sense of community and most of all, my girlfriends. Being in a Mom group was a blessing and a curse. While I could do without the politics of such social circles, I miss having play dates and being able to connect with other Moms while our children played and wore each other out. Dear Texas, from the bottom of my heart, I'm sorry I didn't appreciate you when I had you.

... I wish we could win the lottery or come across an extra $150,000. That amount would pay off our debt, our home and both cars and still leave a (huge) savings. I don't know why it's so hard for us to do but we flat out suck at sticking to a budget and creating a savings. It would be wonderful if we could create a budget and stick to it and build our savings. This is something that needs to be done but neither of us seem concerned with it.

... How do some moms do it all? Between traveling to Oklahoma, a sick Connor and taking care of our home, I have zero time to really just relax. I've toyed with the idea of cutting back on blogging some and that's still a possibility but really, I don't have a lot of down time and yet, I feel like I'm always a day behind or forgetting to do this, that or the other. Maybe I need to be getting up at 6AM daily to get it all done. That sounds fun.. or not..

... We went to church on Sunday for the first time in nearly a year and we loved it. I'm fairly confident that this is going to be our new home church and I'm so excited to see how our faith grows. I want nothing more than to have Connor grow up in church and while we did well the first year of his life, we haven't been as committed as we should be.

... Our pet fish Nemo died on Tuesday and I nearly cried. Not because I was overly attached to the thing but because I was sick to my stomach thinking about how to explain it to Connor. Luckily for me, he hasn't asked. God bless the attention span of a two year old. If I'm this upset over explaining a fish dying, how the Hell will I explain it to him when we lose a loved one? This is one part of parenting I'm not cut out for. I don't handle loss well.

... I am now the admin for a Thrive Mom Local group and my hope is that I make our group grow and be a source of support and freedom for mom regardless of where they are in their lives. I loved being a part of MOPS in Texas and there aren't a lot of MOPS options in our area that will work with Connor's school schedule in the Fall. My goal with Thrive is that we (Connor and I) will meet and make friends that we can have play dates with and mom night's out with.

What's weighing on your heart or mind this week? Open up and share it with me. I would love to be able to talk about things with you or even pray for you if that's what you need most.

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