Monday, March 30, 2015

#boyMOM Box Swap Reveal

Happy Monday! Today, we get to share with you the goodies we received from Meghan and Noah over at The Adventure Starts Here in our #boyMOM Box Swap. Meghan and I are both Mommas to 2 year olds so it was fun shopping and sharing goodies that we both know our littlest men would enjoy. 

Connor was beyond excited to play with his new "master paints". I think that term was invented when I called one of his paintings a masterpiece. We grabbed a couple extra items and kicked off a morning filled with watercolors and fire trucks! 


How cute does he look in his hazmat suit? #dying This smock is perfect for little artists like Connor. It covers so much of his tiny little person that I didn't have to worry about him getting paint on his clothing or any part of the chair/floor. I highly recommend picking one up for your littlest love.

90 minutes.. yes 90 minutes later, Frank loves to paint, color and draw, we had some pretty adorable pieces of artwork.

Thank you to Meghan for treating us to something so fun! This raining afternoon gave us time to work on our colors, shapes and the proper way to hold a paintbrush. I see many more days spent making "master paints".

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