Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mess Free Car Snacks for Kids

Remember when you bought your first new car? I do. October 2011. I purchased a brand new Chevy Cruze with just 27 (!!) miles on it. The moment I saw my car on the lot, I knew it was the perfect car for me. Fast forward 3 years later. I still have my Cruze but I also have a 2 year old that likes his "car snacks". And of course, I want him to snack here and there when we are on the go. What I don't want is to find a backseat full of Goldfish crumbs. Those little orange fish crumble and crunch so dang easily and before you know it, I find crumbs in my cup holder, under my feet and every where in between. Somethings gotta give and since C won't be driving himself or his snacks anywhere for the next 13+ years, this Momma is on mission to find snacks that don't wreck her car.

+ fruit snack
+ string cheese
+ veggies like carrots and cucumber
+ fruit squeeze (but beware, this too can get messy if you have an overly active snack enjoy-er)
+ apple slices
+ beef jerky
+ grapes
+ raisins
+ cheerios (still a crunchy snack but much easier to handle)
+ granola bars
+ fruit leathers
+ veggie straws (C does well with these and makes little to no mess)
+ cereal bars
+ pretzels
+ trail mix

I am always always looking to add a new snack to our rotation. If you have a snack, mess free or not, please share with me in the comment section below.


  1. We keep almost all of those in our car snack bag! We also love Fruit Crisps. The kids love the freeze-dried apples, and they're *almost* mess-free!

  2. Ahem - we tried yogurt in the tube. I mean how much harm can that be right? WRONG - my little one set it down in the cup holder to attend to something else - the tube folded over and 1/2 of the yogurt came right out all over my seats and down to the floor. Lesson learned!

  3. great options! my toddler loves making messes! i instantly regret handing over food to her in the car! lol.

  4. Goodness, yes! I’m actually looking for a place to clean my seats. Mason is so messy! Cute picture of your little man. His smile melts me.

  5. I never let the little guy I nanny form have snacks in the car, maknky because I have this abnormal fear of him chocking. My car is already a disaster haha. We do a lot of halos for snacks though outside of the car.

  6. Oh man. Poor Seth. Poor, poor Seth. I usually drive Mason to school in the morning and usually he finishes his breakfast at home but sometimes we take his waffle in the car. Little to no mess though this morning he found part of one he dropped the other day and crunched (yes crunched and waffles shouldn't crunch) on it. I immediately grabbed it from him because, like I said, waffles shouldn't crunch, but usually I have little to no mess in my car. But poor, poor Seth. He brings snacks when he picks Mason up from school everyday and boy is there a mess on the floor. Goldfish crumbs, veggies straws that he tosses when he thinks he's done with them and so on. Not good. Do you have a good car vacuum recommendation?? lol (but seriously)

  7. these are great. thank you for sharing :-)

  8. Ah, yes. I remember purchasing my Rogue like it was yesterday. It was all shiny with the new car smell and I had ZERO intentions at the time of having a baby. God has quite the sense of humor! Our must have snack of choice in the car are Ritz crackers and honestly, it drives me CRAZY. I find crumbs and broken pieces all over the floorboard in the back seat. Our local car wash loves me!!

  9. I don't have kids, but have 2 nieces and 2 nephews and think this is the best post ever! I'm totally pinning it so that I can save it for our next road trip! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I hate the messy car snacks!! Drive me crazy. Thanks for the list!

  11. Most of these are on our list! Marcus is really good with bananas, so he'll have one of those. The toaster waffles are pretty mess-free, too!

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