Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Meet Natalie :: Keeping Up With Makayla

As moms we all have our good days and our bad days. Those days when we feel like rock star moms and those days when we feel like we have failed. In those days, in those moments, just remember 'behind every great kid is a mom who thinks she's screwing it up.'

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All my life I wanted to be a mother but if you know me you know I have little patience and short fuse {thank you genetics :)}. I've always thought "I have no patience at all, how on earth am I ever going to be a good mother." Well God works in mysterious ways.

There is a reason God decided to let our little ones bake for 40 weeks. The obvious fact is to make sure our little ones have developed well enough to survive this crazy, beautiful world. Whether your baby was born early or late, is healthy or has a medical condition; that child is exactly how God intended him or her to be.

The not so obvious fact {unless you've been here} is to allow both mom and dad to prepare. Oh and did I prepare. I bought all the toys, accessories, clothes, etc. I thought she would need. I read every parenting book and blog I could find. I got advice from other mommy or some-to-be mommy friends. I talked to that little girl every day and night. But I still wasn't prepared, I still didn't have the patience I thought it took to care for a child. But God works in mysterious ways.

After being in labor for 3 weeks I was losing all the patience I had {which wasn't much}. We were so ready for our little girl to be here. Well at 2:00 am she felt the same and my water broke. Our lives were about to change forever.

Taking care of her while we were in the hospital was a piece of cake, I thought "I got this. Motherhood is so easy." Oh did I get a wake up call. For the first few months Makayla would cry from 9:00pm to 1:00 am and  most of the day. John and I would take shifts rocking her, bouncing her, and/or walking with her. Anything to try and help soothe her. I could feel my patience slowly fading day after day. This new mommy thing was so much harder than I had ever imagined. I would get so frustrated with my sweet, innocent girl. I would think "what kind of mother am I to get so frustrated with their child. Maybe I am not meant to be a mother." But God works in Mysterious ways.

I started praying for patience, praying for my sanity to return, praying for my sweet little girl to be normal. I was so naive. No baby is normal. Little did I know then that this was all God's plan. He was molding me to be the mother I need to be for Makayla. As each day went by I learned a little more about motherhood. I got an ounce more of patience. I gained a little more faith in God's plan for my life.

One of my best friend's made me a coffee mug that states "Behind every great kid is a mom who's sure she's screwing it up." This mug has been a true testament to me each and every day. Each morning when I drink my coffee I read this statement. It reminds me that no matter how that day goes, how many tantrums Makayla throws, or how many times I may get frustrated or lose my patience; that I am a great mother. That I am the mother God designed me to be. I am reminded of this every day when I see Makayla's smile, hear her giggles, or see her discovered something new. My love for my daughter is what makes me a great mother.

Mug Made by Kelly Stone
As mothers we go through a lot of the same emotions, challenges, and fears. So from one mommy to another  I want to say, You are doing amazing. Keep up the great work! 


  1. I love that saying! So true. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Beautiful words, sentiment and reminder! Thanks for sharing, Natalie!

  3. Love stephanie!!!!! Great words mama!xo

  4. Hi Natalie. That was so beautifully said. Of course you are bring the mother you need to be for Makayla and God only gives you what you can handle. Thanks for sharing


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