Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Meet Bonnie :: Our Secondhand House

Hi, I'm Bonnie! I'm a DIY blogger over at Our Secondhand House. I am so excited to be guest posting on Wife Mommy Me today. While Stephanie is busy moving here family to Ohio, I'll be sharing an easy tutorial showing you how to sew your kids favorite outgrown fleece PJ's into a warm winter scarf!

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When I was cleaning out my son's dresser and closet for Spring, I came across these 2 pair of fleece pj pants that he had outgrown. Most of the clothes he had outgrown were donated to the local thrift store.  The pj pants, however, are so soft that I wanted to use them to make a scarf.  

upcycle pj pants to scarf

They were bought as a 2 pack so other than the print, they are the exact same size and fabric. I started by cutting the pants along every seam.  I also cut off the elastic waist and the hemmed edges.

sew fleece scarf

I followed the lines on the plaid fabric as a cutting guide to get a long rectangle. After I cut the first rectangle, I used that piece as a template to cut out the rest.  I used one pant leg from each pair of pj pants.  So I ended up with 2 rectangles from each fabric.

sew fleece scarf

Next I lined up 2 matching fabrics (plaid with plaid and print with print) with right sides together and sewed (I used my serger but a sewing machine works too) across one of the short ends. I did this for both fabrics. Below is the short ends sewn together.

upcycle fleece pants

Now that I have two really long rectangles, I lay them on top of each other, right sides together and matching up the center seams.  I sewed all 4 sides leaving an opening about 6 inches on one side.

upcycled fleece pants

After sewing all the sides, I turned the scarf right side out through the 6" opening I left in the side.

upcycle pants to scarf 

Once it was turned right side out, I pinned the opening and sewed it closed with a slip stitch.

sew fleece scarf
upcycle fleece pants to scarf

Now these PJs are a super soft, reversible fleece scarf.  I still have the other pant legs left over for another scarf or perhaps a matching fleece hat.

sewn upcycled scarf

And now you know how to sew a scarf from old fleece pants. 

sew fleece scarf 

I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial. 
I'd like to thank Stephanie for letting me share it with you today!



  1. Oh that is too neat! My son has a couple of fleece pajamas that he will be outgrowing soon :D

  2. So cuddly! This looks like a practical and easy way to re-purpose some jammers! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. This is so cool! I am a no pro with sewing but I really think I can handle this. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Bonnie, I saw that post the other day! Way to updo an old pair of Pjs!

  5. Such a great idea! I see lots of new scarves in our future. :) Which will be great since my girls always seem to "misplace" them.

  6. That looks so good! What a great way to use outgrown clothes.


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