Friday, January 9, 2015

What I'll Miss About TX

I can't believe that in 3 short weeks we will be back in Ohio! While, there is no doubt in anyone's mind that I'm pumped to be going back in our home state with our family and friends, I am going to miss Texas. There I said it. Probably more than most would assume. While it's been a learning experience in so many ways, I will always cherish the memories we've made here and the friendships I've cultivated. We moved here when CJ was 2 months old so Round Rock, Texas is the only home he has ever known. Surprisingly there is a lot of things I'll miss about living in the south.

+ Kristen and Russell, our Texas family
+ warm winters that lack snow and freezing wind chills
+ seeing Connor play with Dyllan and John Tyler
+ Bluebonnet photos
+ my core group of friends
+ tasty (legit) Mexican food
+ having a park within walking distance
+ Starbucks on every corner
+ toll and service roads
+ living 5 minutes from IKEA & the outlet mall
+ having a laundry room on the main floor
+ festivals every weekend March - October
+ Sweet Berry Farms
+ the sense of community in RR
+ greenbelt paths

I will wrap up this post up by saying: Dear Texas, I will always like you. And maybe one day, I will accept that fact that you aren't as horrible as I sometimes led on. Hell, I may even come and visit again. Just don't expect me during the months of May-October.


  1. I am going to be feeling this way in a few months. We decided over Christmas that we are definitely moving back to Georgia, I am excited beyond belief, but I will miss some things about wisconsin.

  2. Aww! I've been a Texas girl my whole life. Never imagine that some of the things would be on this list. The mild winters and Mexican food I expected, but I never thought about things like laundry rooms and all of our festivals. Hopefully you'll be able to make it back for visits from time-to-time! =)

  3. Bluebonnets and Mexican food! Yep, I'd miss those too!

  4. Good luck on your move! Ohio is pretty cold right now. I am in PA. But being near an ikea and having legit Mexican food, that is def something to miss!

  5. I am excited your moving to Ohio.. but I'm sure you'll miss the warm weather considering that its like -5 here right now!!

  6. O. M. GEEEE I bet you've been noshing on the best Mexican food ever!! Just another reason why our love was meant to be. Just so you know, I make THE. BEST. homemade guacamole ever. XO

  7. Oooh that IKEA part would make leaving rough for me. I'm obsessed with the entire place, but ESPECIALLY the Swedish Meatballs! Good luck with your move!

  8. GOOD LUCK with your move. It must be exciting to move home!!!

  9. I'm from Fl but have been in the Houston area for 16 years. I really love it and Texas as a whole.

  10. Hope your move goes smoothly! I know its stressful moving with a little one.

  11. Don't go!!! You and your sweet boy will be missed!

  12. You're almost home! Luckyyyyyyy. But the Mexican food and Starbucks every 30 feet - yep, those will be tough to leave.

  13. The real Mexican & warm weather would be hard to leave behind!

  14. Good luck with your move!! I would miss the warm weather too! Lol.
    Lindi @

  15. Good luck with your move! It's bittersweet to leave a place you love to move to another. Enjoy being back in the north. I'm not sure I could move back now haha.


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