Thursday, January 8, 2015

Reader Survey Results

Last month, I asked my readers to complete a survey, giving me some feedback. I was pleasantly surprised with how many of ya'll took the time to take the survey -- THANK YOU. After going over the answers and suggestions, I wanted to share my action plan for the year based on what the readers want from me as a blogger.

Top 3 things readers liked MOST:
+ Family and Connor Updates
+ DIY Projects & Tips
+ Daily Life

The least favorite tip of post was giveaways. 

Top 3 things readers want MORE of:
+ photos of our family, Connor and daily life
+ personal glimpses into who I am
+ DIY projects

Again, when asked what you wanted LESS of the overwhelming answer was giveaways.

When asked what type of posts should I ADD in 2015, here is what you said
#1 was Blogger Tips & Tricks
tied for #2 was Cooking/Recipes and DIY/Crafts

What ya'll could do without? FASHION. Thank goodness because I didn't like the idea of parting with my yoga pants and pajama bottoms. Lastly, I asked what topic you enjoyed the VERY MOST. Overwhelmingly folks want more of Connor. Because #duh. Family posts are favorites as well. But so many people like posts that included Connor's birthday details along with our Fall Bucket List and Christmas shenanigans.

So what's my blogging agenda for 2015? You can expect more photos of Connor, posts detailing my life/days at a SAHM and our life in Ohio. For 2 years this blog was how our family and friends in Ohio kept up to date with us and now that we are relocating, it will serve as a way for our Texas friends to stay in the loop. What will I be adding? I plan to share some blogging tips and tricks for those of you interested in that and for those of you who aren't bloggers, I plan to offer both cooking/recipe and DIY/craft posts each month starting in February. 

Again, thank you for being an important and appreciated part of this amazing community. I never imagined Wife Mommy Me to be as loved as it is today. I truly feel blessed for the support you've graced me with!


  1. I love that you asked what everyone wanted to read! But at the same time I think it is super important that you post about what makes YOU happy! :-)

  2. This was a great idea! I also like that the results were in favor of you and your life, rather than for giveaways and non-yoga-pant-wearing folk!

  3. I found this really insightful for myself even though it was your readers, not mine. I was also a bit surprised that readers want less giveaways even though I agree. I guess I just thought it was me.

    Lol, I feel the same exact way about fashion posts. I'll just leave that to other bloggers.

  4. Great plan for the year. I loved the info I got from my survey. I should write a post about it.

  5. This is a great idea! I should do a readers survey too, thanks for sharing! :)

  6. What a great idea! I may just have to steal it! ;) And how AWESOME that your readers want to know more about the person behind your blog!!! That says a lot!

  7. I hate giveaways, too. Unless it is at the end of a post just as a little extra something, something. Kind of like a hey, I love you, thanks for reading thing.

  8. So, so smart that you asked for feedback. I should do this. I don't know if we have enough readers to even answer! Ha!! This was good, though.

  9. I think it's great that people want to know more about YOU. That says a lot! At the same time I will say this {and I've always stood by this as a blogger}: keep true to you and what YOU want your blog to be. I'm so excited to see where WMM goes this year! You are destined for success, my friend.

  10. So interesting that people don't love giveaways. I guess I understand, but you see so much of it I just assumed it was something people loved!

  11. How fun to see these results and what great feedback to plan for your 2015 blog posts! I must do a survey like this! :) Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love blogger surveys -- it really helps readers voice their opinion as well as the blogger to know what their readers are looking for.

  13. Looking forward to all you plan to share in 2015! I've seen some blog tips posts that you've shared on FB recently and find then SO hopeful! I didn't know you could back up your blog. I SO need to do that!

  14. lately i've been thinking about doing a reader survey. we'll see if i actually do it.

  15. I love this! I've been thinking about a reader survey too! Maybe you could do a "Blogging Tips" post on surveys! :)


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