Tuesday, January 27, 2015

MTT :: Top 10 Indoor Toddler Activities

With wet and cold temps pushing out the warm, sunny days we are used to, it's time for me to start thinking outside the box and find ways to entertain Connor INDOORS. I try to get out of the house at least 3 days a week and do things our 2 year old will enjoy. Over the last month, we've enjoyed our fair share of indoor fun.

ONE: Bowling

Bowling wasn't the hit I had hoped it to be but we enjoyed 30 minutes of play before moving on the arcade/game room. 2 hours later, we had spent just enough time having fun and C was ready for his nap. You can also try ice skating if you have a place local that offers such fun.

TWO : Barnes and Noble

I've shared once before how much Connor LOVES visiting our local book store. He runs straight to the train table and will play quieting for a good 45 minutes. I usually bring a book with me and read while he plays.

THREE : Pet Store

Can we say free zoo? From the fish to the kittens to the birds, little ones loves visiting the animals. I usually pick up a couple needed items for our cat Rudy while at the pet store and it gives us a little break from the rush rush of errands.  

FOUR : Movie Day

When I need to tackle a few tasks around the house but don't want the "help" of a 2 year old, I will let C cuddle up on the couch with his favorite movie. Depending on which one he picks, I can get 45-60 minutes of somewhat free time to do chores or tackle dinner.

FIVE : Play Dough

I know this one can get a bit messy but it's my go to when I need to keep Connor in place so I can start dinner or unload groceries. He makes a mess every time but he loves playing play dough, creating a recent favorite, Charlie Brown's house.

SIX : Crafts and Coloring

We do A TON of crafting and coloring in our home. One of my favorite places to get crafts from is Oriental Trading. I recently made a purchase of 9 different crafts and split the packs with girls in my Mom group. I save these for days when I need to just 10-15 more minutes. Works like a charm.

SEVEN : Local Museums

Austin has a fabulous children's museum called The Thinkery. We love visiting and could easily spend 3 hours playing with music instruments, water fun, clay and watching shows and listening to music. We have a similar museum about 15 minutes from our home in Dayton and I can't wait to take C.

EIGHT : Library

Do yourself a favor and visit your local library's website, find their calender and take in all that's offered! You will be surprised by how many FREE events your branch hosts. From reading time to music classes to holiday themed parties there is so much to do at no cost to you.

NINE : Chick fil A

If you plan to meet friends for lunch or head there after a morning play date, why not hit up your local Chick fil A? Grab lunch and when you are finished, let the little ones burn of the last of their energy in the restaurants indoor play area. I recently discovered that you can turn in the toy inside your child's kid meal for a ice cream cone. Let them play while you reward yourself for being a wonderful Mom with a little sweet treat. Sharing is optional of course.

TEN : Visit the mall

Yes, I'm telling you to go to the mall! But not for retail therapy... sorry! Grab your stroller and head to the local mall. Do a little mall walking and finish it off with a stop at the children's play center. While this is scary to those of us germaphobes, just bring some antibacterial wipes and clean your little one's hands and face before heading home.

While the majority of these activities help us get out of the house each week, I wanted to be sure to add some that work for days you can't get out of the house as easily. What do you do to keep your little one(s) busy doing the cold winter months?

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  1. Great ideas! Thanks for linking up to "Tuesday Talk"!
    Be sure to come back and link up Thursday for "Pincrazy Thursday"~


  2. Love the list! Chick Fil-A is definitely a favorite of mine and only a mile from the house. Chick Fil A for the win!

  3. Love these ideas! I really need to find a chick fil a somewhere!

  4. Love this list. Chick Fil A is a big hit with Mason. He loves the food and the play area! We haven't gone bowling yet, but are looking forward to going soon!

  5. I love your idea on Oriental Trading! I need to try that. One of my favorite ways to keep my one-year-old busy is by doing chores around the house that involve either cleaning or putting away. He loves to help! This works for everything except laundry, where he tries to be helpful and puts my folded clothes back in the laundry basket.

  6. Great list! We do the pet store, museum and Chick Fil A quite a bit! We also love to go play on the tractors/lawn mowers at Home Depot and doing the tot time at the local indoor pool. There's also a couple swingset building companies around here that have their equipment set up inside and open play times. We're hoping to take Mac bowling soon!

  7. Great list! We hit up our Chick Fil A today :)
    Thanks for sharing on Tuesday Talk!

  8. I've been itching to try bowling but will probably hold off a while still. Great list. I agree with the pet store, Aria loves going there. All the animals! The mall play area totally makes me twitchy but that's what antibacterial wipes were made for!

  9. Nice ideas! I am always looking for new ideas to do. Although, when temps with windchills are below zero I don't even like venturing out of the house (that's when arts and crafts and playdough come into play).

  10. All this time I've spend in Chick fil a and I never knew they would switch out the toy for an ice cream cone!! I wonder what they would do if I went back in with the stockpile of crap toys we have and ask for some ice cream? ;-) Great suggestions!

  11. Sophia my daughter loves going to pet stores and making dough! Great post with great ideas I will be adding to my arsenal since we are going to stay in uk till summer and don't we all know how the weather is not so sunny here, it will be great to use your ideas Stephanie! Thank you so much :-)

  12. We need to get to our library more. We've tried story time a few times, but it's never very successful. I think it's just too much sitting for Marcus.
    Have you tried any places like Pump it Up (indoor bounce houses galore) or trampoline zones? We've found a few such places that have toddler time, and it's the best way to blow a ton of steam.

  13. What a wonderful list! I love it! Love your new link up too :) thanks for sharing at Tuesday Talk!

  14. i really need to try play dough with emmett! i'm sure he would love it. . . eating it that is. haha

    stopping by your blog via the facebook bloggers group! xo

  15. I've never tried oriental trading - that's a great idea for something new! And sharing with other moms is a great money saving tip!

  16. Oh my gosh, yes to all of these! The pet store for sure! Chick fil a! Yum! Yes! We just did that last week!
    Seriously, all of these are such great activities!
    Thanks for linking up with the Best of the Blogosphere!! :)


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