Friday, January 23, 2015

Conversations with Connor

Connor is a talker. Little guy is chatty chatty. If you make eye contact with him, he is going to talk to you. You've been warned. He has the sweetest voice and just loves to share his thoughts with you. There is no holding back. The best part of talking with him is when he tilts his head to the side and brings his face close to yours, just to make sure you are listening. He just sucks you into his world and quiet frankly, it's a pretty fun one to be in.

Me: Can I love you?
CJ: No.
Me: Why not?
CJ: Because I'm kind of busy. 

"I sit on your lap, Momma?" -I'm not an overly mushy Mom but can fully admit that when he stops asking that sweet question, this Momma's heart will ache.

"Momma, Elmo is messy. He needs help" as he {not so delicately} brushes Elmo's hair

CJ: "Where we going?"
Me: "To the grocery store and Target."
CJ: "Target?"
Me: "Yes."
CJ: "I need my shoes and book bag. Let's go." -Someone loves the bulls-eye a little too much!

CJ: "This tastes good."
Me: "You don't lick the play dough Connor. That's gross."
CJ: "Whoopsie daisy."

Once during bedtime prayer, Connor thanked Jesus for his blue blanket. It's in moments like this that I'm reminded that life can be fairly simple if you allow it and that the day he parts with blue "bankie", I'll always remember when he thanked Jesus for such little comforts.

Connor: "My blanket smells"
Me: "Like what?"
Connor: "Dinosaurs"
Me: "Maybe I should wash it"
Connor: "No, Momma. I need to smell the dinosaurs" -When do they stop being strange little human beings?

When parenting a 2 year old life is always exciting but once they find their voice and realize the power of it, things take on a whole new level of amazing. I am truly blessed to be apart of Connor's conversations. 

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. I can't stop laughing. Thank you for the morning laugh. My little Peanut is 17 months. I know he will be a chatty one. Last week, I said "Good morning, my sweet Peanut", he replied back "Morning Dude, now go". Really, now I am your dude, what happened to Mama.

    I found you on I am looking forward to reading more on your blog.

  2. So adorable! I still get a kick out of conversations with my 4 year old! Little boys are just so cute! My daughter is too, but now she is 8 and has an attitude sometimes :)

  3. Chatty and sweet. "Do you want to color wif me, Kristen?" is just about the sweetest thing I've heard in a long time. Love that kid.

  4. Love this so much! I absolutely love how they carry on conversations and explore the world around them! C is absolutely adorable!

  5. Haha! That first one is hilarious! I'm always amazed how much personality my niece and nephew have every time we talk. They really are just tiny little humans that have their own thing going on. Sweet post! =)

  6. So cute! It is so amazing how through a childs' eyes the world is so simple, they learn to appreciate the most simple of things. I wish there were more adults like this. What a cute kiddo! Thanks for sharing

  7. Hahaha! I love this! He's hilarious! I think he and Mac would be best buds! Two chatty funny boys!

  8. Smiled the whole time I read it! My boy says crazy things too and I often wonder the same thing, when do they stop being SO weird? ha ha

  9. love that you are capturing these little sayings! So fun! He sounds like quite the comedian!

  10. Aww these are too cute! He sounds like such a fun, sweet boy!

  11. So sweet, I can only imagine a little kid saying whoopsie daisy haha

  12. So sweet! Good you are documenting this little things as to be totally cliche- they grow up so fast

  13. He's hilarious! I love his little voice. We need a FaceTime date so I can listen to him chat away.

  14. Adorable! Talking to your kid is just such a highlight each day.

  15. Whoopsie daisy?? My GOSH he is cute! Can you please move to CA instead of Ohio so we can hang out all the time?!?! I know Desiree wouldn't complain :) I just want to sit and listen to him talk!

  16. Haha! Love this! Mason is a chatty little guy too! >>> because I’m kind of busy <<< oh my goodness! Hilarious! And whoopsie daisy! LOVE IT. Being a mama is so fun! I just love the little things that come out of their mouths.


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