Monday, December 29, 2014

Toddler Bible Study Introduction

As a parent, it's important to me (and James) that Connor be raised in a home that prays, attends church and lives as Godly a life as possible. While my plans for such are a work in progress, as am I, I wanted to kick off 2015 with a renewed focus of our relationship with Christ.

I want to share a little bit of where we are in our life with religion and church: When we moved to RR, we threw ourselves into a local church. Along with joining MOPS, I attended a women's book club at the church and attending quarterly bible studies. In the beginning, things were exactly what I had hoped for them. People were friendly, I felt challenged and I could see the positive impact attending church and reading The Word was having on myself and my family. Soon thereafter, I starred feeling a little disconnected from the church we were attending. While there are many friendly members, I wasn't connecting with anyone my age and found building relationships to be very very difficult. I don't know if this was because I felt like a fish out of water or because the church we choose to attend was the kind of church where every one knew each other, which in my opinion left outsiders just that... on the outside. Long story short, we stop attending. I choose not to attend MOPS this Fall because I knew we were moving and we haven't been looking for a new home church.

Fast forward to today: We are in the middle of packing up to move back home. We are juggling so many things right now that attending church just isn't a priority. I realize how this sounds. Trust me, I do. But one of the things we have been focusing on is praying with Connor. Daily, we pray at dinner as a family and he and I after pray at lunch time (if things are totally hectic and I forget -- just being honest) and each night, Connor and I pray before I put him to bed. Because little ears are always always listening, I took K-LOVE's 30 Challenge and only allow Christian music when C's around.

I think it's important for me to point out that while I try, I fail just like the next mom. Yes, Connor hears and sees things that I wish he didn't. Some of those of those things come directly from me. We parent the very best way possible. However, we are not perfect parents.

Having said that, I have any say or control over it, I want any and every message Connor encounters to be a Godly one. Starting in January, I will be implementing a toddler/children Bible study into our daily routine. I have picked out verses based on skills/characteristics we want Connor to associate with The Lord.

Every 3 weeks or so, I will share our focus word (listed above) along with a verse that stresses that word along with a simple prayer for Connor to say at the end of the day using our focus word. My goal is to give special attention to each word, providing Connor a better understanding of what listening, teaching, encouraging and so on means along with detailing how our Heavenly Father is all of these things in one person.

Our first lesson kicks off Monday, January 5th. Check back for a printable document to use at home for added support on your quest to share the Bible with your little one!

*All lessons will be added to this post as they go LIVE*

 LESSON 1:: Listens
LESSON 2 :: Loves
LESSON 3 :: Smiles


  1. Such a great idea! I love when I see parents really teaching their children about Jesus! Good for you! Can't wait to read more about this. :)

  2. >>> Because little ears are always listening <<< YES!!!! Even when you think they are not. Mason will repeat something back to us days later… “why did you say this?”
    or “why does that song say this?” or “what does this mean?”. We only listen to Christian music in my car too! I love it. It’s uplifting and Mason learns more about Jesus through worship and praise music. We have a church that we absolutely LOVE! But, we haven’t been in a few weeks. It’s hard with Mason right now. Children’s church is in a completely different building (on the far other side) and he feels like he is worlds away. But, he’s not exactly patient or quiet enough to sit through big church. He gets antsy about 20 minutes before church releases. I know this sounds like a ton of excuses…but it’s a battle on Sundays and lots of frustration and tears are shed. And that’s not how church is supposed to be. But, come the New Year I want that to change. We are just going to have to get into a routine and fight through the battles until we are all at a good place. Also, we do everything we can in this house to teach Mason about Jesus and living a Christian life. And his school is a Christian Pre-K, which I love too! I love that you are implementing a toddler bible study into your daily lives! LOVE! I can’t wait to see/hear how this goes with Connor. Do you have a children’s study bible? I’m curious which one you have and will use? I love finding new bibles and ways to study the word.

  3. This is such a great idea! I just finished a women's bible study group on Not A Fan series, it was so amazing, eye opening and inspirational! It's so important to teach our children how to build a relationship with Christ

  4. Love this so excited to follow along and implement this into our home to.

  5. I've been giving this a lot of thought for a while now and have also been thinking about the best way to introduce the word to Chickie and this sounds absolutely perfect. I look forward to following along in your journey with the fabulous Connor! XOXOXO

  6. I'm glad you're so conscious in your efforts with your son and hope you find the church family that is the best fit for your family!

  7. I'm so excited for this to kick off. It's been something on my heart lately for my 2-year-old and I just haven't had a clue where to start! Thank you!!

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  9. This is a really cool idea! I've tried to implement things, we try to read stories from her little storybook Bibles and pray before every meal.


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